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2015 Guest Book Quotes

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"Thanks for your hospitality and sharing this beautiful location. We'll be back - and next time for at least a week."
Steven & Jess

"The Wine was fine,
The design sublime,
The art was smart,
The nature was natural,
The food was hot,
The music was cool,
Space and time was a continuum."


"We invited in
The forest din
Of quietude and natural beauty
The fireplace glowed
Our city pace slowed
To a standstill in the pleasure of serenity"


"Thank you. This is Magic!"
Hayley, Alecia, Eli & Rosie

"Ruth and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Peace and tranquility in a gorgeous accommodation. It couldn't have been better and would like to come again."

"Like a home away from the city with the bath tub, fireplace and overall look and feel. We wanted to be away from the city and The Perch was everything we were expecting and more. We'll definitely come back again."
Andrew & Kathy

"My lovely boyfriend brought me here for a birthday getaway and it was amazing. We will be coming back!!"
Pat & Annie

"Our 4th time at The Perch - this time for our anniversary and it couldn't have been a better place or with better weather. Drinks and shades on the deck while listing to a multitude of birds. Paradise - we'll be back."
Margot & Andrew

"Beautiful and so relaxing! Would love to come back here to enjoy the summer months as well."
Noemie & Jason

"Had a great stay here. Amazing views in a calm space. A really relaxing time."
Cedric & Anj

"Absolutely amazing place! Everything here is done with love and in harmony with nature. We'll be back for sure."
Borys & Oksana

"2nd time here and still loved it! The design, textures, art and everything stimulates and relaxes all at once. This guest comment includes some lovely artwork by Juliette and Sharlene."
Lauren & Tony

"Thanks for an unforgettable stay at The Perch. It was everything we'd hoped for and more! The pictures don't do it justice."
Jess & Jaime

"Your place is indescribable! Absolutely stunning. The architecture, the great care and details you put into the design and décor and the beautiful art. A luxurious, peaceful and relaxing retreat!"
Karen & Joe

"We stayed 2 lovely nights here at The Perch which was designed with love and peace. We truly appreciate all the effort and care you put into it. We will certainly miss the stunning views, crisp air and pure water."
Colleen & Aditya

"Thank you so much for the hospitality. This place is fantastic and helped us so much to relax and unwind from the chaos of the city. The art is a wonderful touch, our compliments!"
Tiziano & Noemi

"We had a great time and loved your place. You have created a little heaven here."
Jeff & Elvira

"You got nice house!"

"It was our first time on the Sunshine Coast and it was such a wonderful experience. Thank you for creating this heavenly place. Can't wait to come back."
Joon, Kaylee & Skye

"It's been said so many times already but this place is a gift. I am relaxed & peaceful and well recuperated - just what I needed. I will be back."

"Your place is amazing. It's been such a relaxing vacation for us that I'll never forget it. Thank-you."

"We spent our honeymoon here and had a fabulous time! It's the perfect place to relax, unwind and 'unplug' from the rest of the world."
Jeff & Debbie

"Thank you for a wonderful stay. It was relaxing, fun and serene. The extra night made it even better."
Camille & Sammy

"A moment of absolute peace came upon us as soon as we arrived and rested within us till our departure. Together for 23+ years this was the absolutely perfect setting to remember the reasons we are together and who we fell in love with so many years ago."
Terry & Debbie

"We came for our honeymoon and it was a great choice. The Perch has everything you could ever need. We have fallen in love with The Sunshine Coast. Take a Slocat tour in Madeira Park!"
Sean & Kalina

"My 20th birthday was spent in surreal relaxation thanks to this lovely water-side getaway. Being from San Diego this experience so close to nature has been indescribable. Watch for deer on the drive and try Emelle's Bistro and the ice cream next door!"
Albert & Alexis