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2010 Guest Book Quotes

"My daughter and I have had a very special time together here. We are back for a trip to see family and friends here. The way The Perch is designed it frees your thinking and thoughts."
Lyn & Taygan, Moncton

"We have had a lovely slice of refreshing paradise for our 5th wedding anniversary and I must say nothing beats early pregnancy nausea like sitting on the deck in the morning with tea."
Avital & Chris, Vancouver

"Our little escape was very much treasured. Cheers,"
Tom & Adrienne, NSW, Australia

"Restful... Relaxing... Romantic. Truly a lovely retreat!"
Philip & Cindy, North Vancouver

"Showed up just in time to witness Canada win Olympic Gold in Men's Hockey. It started our stay off on a positive note and stayed that way throughout."
Gordon & Finteley, Cloverdale

"We enjoyed our weekend - everything we wanted and one of the best parts was the bathtub! We will definitely come back for our stress relief from the urban city."
Kevin & Eva

"Breathtaking, cozy, modern & quiet and wonderful for a small family to have some great bonding time. We had lots of laughs and great food while being so relaxed."
Crystal, Pete, Keenan & Hilton, Kelowna

"The Perch is certainly a stunning accommodation in an even more stunning location. I love the flora and fauna thriving on the property. My mother and her husband are big William Allister appreciators."

"Cleansing. Light, mists raising our spirit. Bathed, purified. Drizzle and meditative drops on foliage, while frogs sing percussion, perched in and above, we nestle."
Nette, Vancouver

"Beautiful place and setting! We really had an enjoyable and relaxing time."
Jon & Carin, Smithers

"Our Easter weekend was well spent. The beauty of nature and comfort of home just brought us to remembering to be thankful for our blessings."
Banele & Jay, B.C.

"This was a little getaway for our family - a "spring break" of sorts. The air and ambiance here definitely put us all at ease, and the beauty is breathtaking! We wish we could have stayed longer. Thanks for sharing you lovely cabin with us! Cheers,"
Laura, Dan & Justin, Vancouver/Montreal

"As an '80s pop-icon once sung, "Ooh, heaven is a place on earth!" She must have been fortuitous enough to know of "The Perch" 30 years before we arrived! We've had a fantastic 10 days of fun in the sun and showers, cooking great meals, building big log fires, soaking in the tub and finding our 100th Cache in Canada (check out to join in the fun). Thanks for re-arranging our visit last minute when we were delayed by Eyjafjallajokull Volcano closing UK airspace for almost a week!"
Rich & Lou, London, UK

"We came for our honeymoon and I can't imagine a more perfect, romantic place to celebrate our love. So beautiful and relaxing. Will definitely come back!"
Diane & Ryan, Toronto

"We came to celebrate our 5th anniversary and first trip as a family of four. Loved the views, bath, open airy concept."
Sheldon, Angella, Emma & Jacob

"We could not have asked for a better retreat. Thank you for everything."
Gabriel & Chana, Toronto

"What a beautiful spot, you feel at one with nature. We enjoyed it so much and will be back for more. Love the design of this cottage, we were very impressed. Hiking trails are breathtaking and Skookumchuck Narrows is amazing. You can be visited by hummingbirds, deer, beautiful birds, a bear and an eagle. Thanks again."
Paul & Victoria, New Westminster

"A little getaway for a mom and her two daughters. We left the men and children at home and enjoyed the beautiful PEACE of The Perch. Bubbly on the patio, feeding peanuts to our little squirrel buddy, fireside laughs and even a jellyfish encounter at the water. We had a blast and enjoyed every moment."
Erin, Lindsay & Connie

"You were right - this is truly an awesome place. I will definitely be back some day. We three loved every moment. There was no way of leaving to go out for dinner. The Perch is such a delight to all our senses - Thank-you!"
Dawna, Vancouver

"For us the ultimate paradise! We simply settle into The Perch and enjoy every minute of our time here. Being here has become our new summer ritual - one that fives us immense pleasure year after year. Kathleen & Brent... a stroke of creative genius - our profound thanks with much love,"
Joan & Morley, Calgary

"What a joy to experience the beauty within and without (outside) The Perch. You have been so attentive to all the details of creating a perfect hideaway. As an artist I am inspired by the wonderful art pieces... thank you so very much."
Sanna, Vancouver

"Thank you very much! The Perch was perfect, beautiful and brought us into nature. We were up here for a wedding and couldn't have picked a better location. We will be back to sit in that tub and spend cozy nights near the fire place! Thank-you, truly a lovely cabin."
Francisco & Cory, Alicia & Shaun

"Incredible! What a fabulous retreat. The architecture and art work are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love the gardens."
Lori & Paul, Oshawa

"What a relaxing, most wonderful way to spend our honeymoon. We enjoyed a couple hikes, kayaking, visited the local galleries and treated ourselves to some nice meals in and also went out to several of the restaurants. We look forward to trips back to The Sunshine Coast for anniversaries. Thank you for a wonderful stay!"
Jodi & Jim, Madison, Wisconsin

"Thank you for this tranquil retreat. We will miss the luxury of abundant space, green views and the deep sleep that follows a soak in a deep tub. We had a memorable meal at Feastro in Davis Bay and look forward to lazily grazing our way back down to Langdale having adopted a slower pace."
Randi & Tim, Vancouver, B.C.

"The Perch - a perfect getaway for our 4th anniversary. We couldn't have asked for a more glorious relaxation. Truly loved this enchanting place. We'll be back."
Rob & Maribel, Burnaby, B.C.

"Thank you for sharing The Perch with us! It's a beautiful house, perfect amount of space inside & out! The surrounds are so peaceful. We will most certainly come and want to stay here again. A perfect getaway from the city and yet not too far."
Matt & Sarah, Vancouver, B.C.

"Wonderful. Thank-you!"
Jen & Anders, New Westminster, B.C.

"Fantastic vacation home... one of the nicest we've ever stayed at. We loved the local hikes and the food. We hope to return someday."
Rick & Cynthia, Carlton, Oregon

"The location, the layout, the bath, the fireplace, the view, the smells and sounds are only a few of the best things about this place. We came, we conquered Mt. Daniel (no easy feat), scared off a bear cub looking for food in the trash (good thing they're bear proof) and saved a golden crown kinglet (look it up in the "Birds of Coastal BC" book in the entertainment unit) that flew into the window and became dazed. We even saw a deer hopping about as if it's legs were made of springs. Aaah... what an awesome week, but it's time to go now. Thanks!"
Sally & Charles, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"Wonderful again!!! See you next time."
Dave & Pascal, Vancouver, B.C.