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Guest Book Quotes

"Happy New Years Kathleen, Brent, Dianne and to everyone who stays at this magical place. We slept a lot thanks to jetlag from our Germany trip. It helps that it's so great here. Visit #9 and still counting!!"
John & Henrik

"Beautiful setting, lovely space and the art was fun. Can't wait to come back."
Alex & Izzy

"Had a wonderful first visit to this beautiful cabin. Playing cards by the fire, baths, walks in the woods and guessing when the tide was its lowest - it always surprised us! Hope to come back soon."
Bradley & Brynn

"A beautiful location & stunning view. We enjoyed exploring and hope to be back!"
Kevin & Heather

"This marks our 6th stay at the cabin and as always we had an amazing time. We climbed Mount Daniel (what a view) and then had some quality relaxation time by the fire. Moon Dance is our favorite getaway from city life."
Heather & Graham

"We absolutely loved our stay at Moon Dance Cabin and feel blessed by the peace and beauty of the wilderness. Love, healing, connection - we felt blessed. This is a piece of heaven on earth."
Ryan & Nicole

"We only had one night. Would love to have stayed longer in this beautiful place."
Johana & Filip

"Beautiful cabin. Very peaceful & serene. Every detail thought of and so quiet, almost deafening! Loved the soaker tub and would love to have stayed longer. We'll definitely be back."
Christina, Steve & Jenna

"Peaceful and serene our time at Moon Dance was good medicine for the soul. When we arrived without knowing which CD was loaded I turned on the stereo and on came 'Don't let me down' by the Beatles. I knew right away this was a sign of a great weekend ahead... and indeed it was."
Darcy & Heather

"We had a magical few days at Moon Dance. The stillness here is just beautiful. After 2 weeks of travel we changed plans last minute and as soon as we arrived we knew this was the place we should be."
Nikki & Peter

"This is truly a place well described. Peaceful, Serene, Romantic. A beauty!! Can't wait to visit again."
Elle & John

"There was obviously a lot of thought put into this cabin making it feel like a home away from home. The best place I have stayed in Canada."
Jackie & Kate

"Another gathering of the girls!! Love, laughter and a safe place to be us. The biggest gift and the biggest gift is friendship."

"Moon Dance Cabin was the perfect spot for the last week of our honeymoon."
Brian & Megan

"First cross ocean trip to Canada from China to find ourselves in this amazing spot. Trees, ravens, water, mountains... a paradise we will revisit."
Cong, Susi & little Cynthia

"Our stay at Moon Dance was glorious! Loved the cabin, the art, the bathtub and all the fresh air! Next time we'll stay longer."
Lili & Manon

"Our stay was relaxing and peaceful. Loved the quiet and lack of humans."
Jennifer & Richard

"We enjoyed every day of our stay. The bed was comfortable, the tub relaxing and it was enjoyable just to sit on the deck overlooking the bay and watch the tide change, listening to the birds and the quiet. Madeira Park was close and I loved the Earth Fair Book Store. Hopefully we'll be back."
Don & Jean

"A beautiful, relaxing getaway in the wood - it felt like we were worlds away from the big city. Bathtub in the bedroom... Genius! We definitely look forward to returning."
Eric & Andrea

"I escaped the heat in Arizona to enjoy the stunning view and cold water. The cottage has a perfect isolated yet easy to find feel."

"Fascinating tidal flows, charming cottage, beautiful art, tea on the deck, soaking in the tub, reading, recovering, quiet, conversations. Such a pleasure!"

"Thanks for your hospitality and sharing this beautiful location. We'll be back - and next time for at least a week."
Steven & Jess

"The Wine was fine,
The design sublime,
The art was smart,
The nature was natural,
The food was hot,
The music was cool,
Space and time was a continuum."


"We invited in
The forest din
Of quietude and natural beauty
The fireplace glowed
Our city pace slowed
To a standstill in the pleasure of serenity"


"Thank you. This is Magic!"
Hayley, Alecia, Eli & Rosie

"Ruth and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Peace and tranquility in a gorgeous accommodation. It couldn't have been better and would like to come again."

"Like a home away from the city with the bath tub, fireplace and overall look and feel. We wanted to be away from the city and The Perch was everything we were expecting and more. We'll definitely come back again."
Andrew & Kathy

"My lovely boyfriend brought me here for a birthday getaway and it was amazing. We will be coming back!!"
Pat & Annie

"Our 4th time at The Perch - this time for our anniversary and it couldn't have been a better place or with better weather. Drinks and shades on the deck while listing to a multitude of birds. Paradise - we'll be back."
Margot & Andrew

"Beautiful and so relaxing! Would love to come back here to enjoy the summer months as well."
Noemie & Jason

"Had a great stay here. Amazing views in a calm space. A really relaxing time."
Cedric & Anj

"Absolutely amazing place! Everything here is done with love and in harmony with nature. We'll be back for sure."
Borys & Oksana

"2nd time here and still loved it! The design, textures, art and everything stimulates and relaxes all at once. This guest comment includes some lovely artwork by Juliette and Sharlene."
Lauren & Tony

"Thanks for an unforgettable stay at The Perch. It was everything we'd hoped for and more! The pictures don't do it justice."
Jess & Jaime

"Your place is indescribable! Absolutely stunning. The architecture, the great care and details you put into the design and décor and the beautiful art. A luxurious, peaceful and relaxing retreat!"
Karen & Joe

"We stayed 2 lovely nights here at The Perch which was designed with love and peace. We truly appreciate all the effort and care you put into it. We will certainly miss the stunning views, crisp air and pure water."
Colleen & Aditya

"Thank you so much for the hospitality. This place is fantastic and helped us so much to relax and unwind from the chaos of the city. The art is a wonderful touch, our compliments!"
Tiziano & Noemi

"We had a great time and loved your place. You have created a little heaven here."
Jeff & Elvira

"You got nice house!"

"It was our first time on the Sunshine Coast and it was such a wonderful experience. Thank you for creating this heavenly place. Can't wait to come back."
Joon, Kaylee & Skye

"It's been said so many times already but this place is a gift. I am relaxed & peaceful and well recuperated - just what I needed. I will be back."

"Your place is amazing. It's been such a relaxing vacation for us that I'll never forget it. Thank-you."

"We spent our honeymoon here and had a fabulous time! It's the perfect place to relax, unwind and 'unplug' from the rest of the world."
Jeff & Debbie

"Thank you for a wonderful stay. It was relaxing, fun and serene. The extra night made it even better."
Camille & Sammy

"A moment of absolute peace came upon us as soon as we arrived and rested within us till our departure. Together for 23+ years this was the absolutely perfect setting to remember the reasons we are together and who we fell in love with so many years ago."
Terry & Debbie

"We came for our honeymoon and it was a great choice. The Perch has everything you could ever need. We have fallen in love with The Sunshine Coast. Take a Slocat tour in Madeira Park!"
Sean & Kalina

"My 20th birthday was spent in surreal relaxation thanks to this lovely water-side getaway. Being from San Diego this experience so close to nature has been indescribable. Watch for deer on the drive and try Emelle's Bistro and the ice cream next door!"
Albert & Alexis

"It has been our 4th New Years at the cabin and our 6th stay on the property. We love it here. The nature, the serenity, the stillness "between the years". We love the eagles, ravens, ducks and many other birds in the bay. We feel very connected and grounded here. All best wishes to you Kathleen and Brent. Happy New Year!"
John & Henrik

"Perfect weekend getaway! What a spot. You can't beat the solitude and peaceful surroundings. Thanks for sharing. We'll be back."
Valerie & Brian

"Had a wonderful relaxing time! You've done a great job with this space and location."
Renee & Brady

"Another wonderful mini-spring break! It's been such a long time you're on Guest Book #2! This time it was fun to get to know the snow geese - beautiful birds!"
Rand & Alex

"What a wonderful space amidst a very natural location! Thanks for sharing your haven."
XO Lauren, Esther & John

"We are back after 4 months as we needed a mini-vacation. We love it here. It's our 7th stay... and still counting. A great escape to recharge the batteries and the soul."
Henrik & John

"What a great time away and a wonderful place to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We took in many sights, enjoyed a wonderful dinner at The Rockwater and massages at The Painted Boat. We will be back! No bear sightings... we'd kind of hoped to see one... from far away. We want to live here!"
Pauline & Ron

"Three days after our wedding we arrived and instantly knew we had picked the right location for our honeymoon. Quiet & isolated. We were extremely blessed."
No Name

"What an amazing location and beautiful cabin, it was a great choice for our getaway. The bed was comfy and the tub deep, spacious and amazing. Loved how the water came and went throughout the day. We'll be back."
Alyson & Josh

"Were we crazy? One night's stay is nowhere near long enough to stay at your beautiful cabin. Absolutely beautiful. We will be back."
Bruce & Patsy

"What a great family get a way! My husband, 13 year old, 8 year old and I had an amazing time. Great location and the cabin has every comfort of home and then some. Already can't wait to come back!"
The Wells Family

"Many thanks for sharing this cabin. It has a truly special atmosphere and we felt entirely rejuvenated on leaving. We also love your taste in art!"
Alex & Alex (& bump)

"What a wonderful place to bring in summer 2014! The cabin feels like a home away from home... wishing we could stay longer we enjoyed every moment. Evening paddles in our canoe, the fires and relaxing bubble baths. ;-) Your art collection is something we hope to lay eyes on again sooner than later."
Kyle & Jen

"I had a lot of fun here. It is a really nice cabin."
Phoenix (Age 8)

"Beautiful spot - loved the porch - even on a rainy afternoon with the smell of cedar smoke in the air. Saw a small black bear on the path who saw us too and headed for the bushes!"
Cindy, Eldon & Nigel

"Beautiful cabin tucked away in the wilderness. We hiked and saw the high tide at Skookumchuck narrows all in the rain. It was so nice to come back to get dry and warm by the fire."
Karen & Rob

"Unforgettable time... Moon Dance Cabin is a jewel. Mother Nature at her best and a beautiful place built with all the love and taste of the world! Congratulations and thanks for sharing such an amazing corner on the beautiful Sunshine Coast"
Jairo, Adriana & Laura

"We had a wonderful week of sightseeing on this beautiful piece of the province! We loved your beautiful cabin, so peaceful and relaxing. Especially enjoyed watching the tide from the deck and all your amazing art work!"
Patti & Pat

"My stay at Moon Dance Cabin was wonderful. I love the art on the walls & ceiling and the lighting. What I enjoyed most was the amazing and beautiful scenery and the sweet fresh air."

"This is our first visit to Moon Dance but not our last. Hospitable, beautiful, tranquil. The perfect end of summer holiday."
Tom & Kevin

"The tranquility and solitude of Moon Dance was incredible. The only sound was the wind blowing through the trees and the waves hitting the shore. The perfect place for celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. Loved every second of it."
Jeff & Bea

"Thank you so much for the beautiful stay at Moon Dance. The cabin is stunning, the view incredible. Paradise!"
Kelsey & Mike

"We feel so lucky to have discovered your idyllic hideaway. The perfect place to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary - and, we hope, many more to come! Thanks for sharing your slice of heaven with us!"
Emily & Donald

"A very beautiful spot. Relaxing and so much to see. The porch was fabulous! It rained every day and we sat outside and loved it!!"
Susie & Brian
(My sincere thanks to the two of you for the sweet comments about my smile! KB)

"Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful and tranquil getaway. We loved our entire stay. I'm sure we'll be back! Best,"
Undine & Sheriff

"Had a perfect relaxing weekend away. Thank-you!"
Savannah & Graham

"Another mini vacation (8th visit) successfully completed. Took pictures of eagles, ravens & nature's beauty. Relaxed in tub multiple times and lounged inside and out. Thanks again for a great retreat from the city."
John & Henrik

"What a wonderful hidden gem! Thanks so much for allowing us to unplug and unwind in your beautiful and cozy cabin."
Chris & Jodi

"We had such an amazing time at Moon Dance Cabin. We love the fireplace. It was the best way to spend Christmas time and we will definitely come back!"
Eva & Martin

"All too short a stay in the comfortable cabin. The family enjoyed evenings by the fire after hikes during the day. The cabin is very well situated to explore this region of the Sunshine Coast. We'd love to come back in the summer months."
Andy, Karen, Susie & Caitlin

"Third time round and as good as always - and it was sunny!! Our weekend couldn't have been more relaxing and we will be back."
Margaret & Andrew

"When you said just bring some food and yourselves because everything else is covered you were absolutely right. I can't think of anything you've forgotten. From a fully stocked kitchen to candles in the bath. Thank-you. My Mom just passed away and I can't think of anywhere I could or should have been but here."
Scott & Terri

"Another wonderful relaxing stay! The snow was nice making everything white and beautiful. Thank-you."
Susan & Tony

"Had a great weekend. The girls love it here. Hope to come back again soon!"
Tony, Lauren, Juliette & Charlene

"It was Alexa's first time here and she enjoyed it tremendously. She took over the soaker tub all weekend."
Tony, Jo & Alexa

"We enjoyed another great weekend at The Perch! Back after 5 & 1/2 years it's just as tranquil with the same very good vibe. Got just the perfect bell from Flying Anvil!"
Greg & Stacy

"What a wonderful week in this peaceful, cozy retreat. Loved the organization and efficiency of The Perch and hope to be your guests again soon! Arrivederci!"
Lisa & Neil

"Loved The Perch! Beautiful cottage & tranquil surroundings! Great stereo too! We hope to be back soon!"
Enely & Ed

"Loved it! Stylish yet warm and welcoming. Great art. We will be back."
Judy, Al & Fleur

"I am at the Sunshine Coast. I share a bed with my Mom. They have great ice cream here. I went to a lake called Kathrin Lake. We had chicken for supper. The beds are really comfy! P.S. Can't wait to come back!"
Ava Lillian Parker
(Who prints beautifully and drew and coloured for us a BEAUTIFUL ice cream cone!!)

"We had a wonderful stay at The Perch. What a beautiful place to get engaged ;-) It couldn't have been more perfect! Thanks so much for everything."
Natasha & Andrew

"A short but memorable stay. Although the sun refused to shine the views were lovely and we were very happy to relax at The Perch. Thanks for your thoughtful attention to everything that makes a rental place feel like a home away from home. We hope to return."
Mara & Andrew

"Well since Mara & Andrew left the sun did indeed re-appear to stay for two weeks for the return of the 'swallows' who return every year to the Sunshine Coast 'Capistrano' to find the joy of this place and its surroundings. Thanks for the vision making this place a 'Mecca' for return engagements."
Morley & Joan

"The intersection of art, architecture and nature made this one of our most memorable vacations ever. I could spend a lifetime relaxing on the deck, watching the tide roll in and out of Oyster Bay. Thank you again for everything."
Chris & Krista

"Six years ago we stayed here to celebrate our purchase of land just the other side of Mt. Daniel. This year we celebrate 16 years of marriage (26 officially). This place is conducive to freedom."
The Litkes

"My wife Amber and I came here for our honeymoon and have again loved the beauty and solitude. Perhaps we will return again."

"The Perch is not a house but a sanctuary. Design, art, natural beauty weaving a rest and return to life."
Tom & Kevin

"Amazing, magical, relaxing house. Felt very at home, thanks for having us."
Jordana, Chad, Owen & Adam

"A short but lovely stay. The windows are beautiful and The Perch very restful. We hope to return someday."
Claire & Johnathan

"An exquisite, relaxing stay surrounded by two of my favorite things... nature and art. Rejuvenating and romantic. Feeling inspired."
Mairin & Luke

"The Perch is absolutely fantastic. We had a blast on our first anniversary."
Kate & James

"Once again a relaxing, remarkable stay. Rain at night and sunny blue skies in the day! It was nice to be here again."
Susan & Tony

"Our second stay was just as relaxing & peaceful as the first. We will be back again! (Footnote from Kathleen & Brent - Thank-you to Emmi for her lovely piece called 'Dreaming of Rapunzal at Moon Dance'."
Erik, Larissa, Emmi (4) & Julian (1)

"Moon Dance is tucked away in such an amazing piece of nature we enjoyed soaking in the beauty and restfulness of the place. Always love exploring The Sunshine Coast and glad we found Moon Dance."
Christina & Dale

"We've never been on a more relaxing and amazing getaway. It was very romantic we'll be back again!"
Ashna & Roneel

"We enjoyed our 20th anniversary in this peaceful beautiful place. Not sure we want to leave. With a day of mountain biking and a spa day with dinner at the Painted Boat Resort (recommended) and then just soaking up nature from the windows and deck... we had a great time."
Bruce & Kelly

"What a beautiful peaceful cabin. We truly enjoyed our days in this relaxing place. Had a few close encounters with a bear cub on the driveway. Thank you for your beautiful cabin. (Note from Kathleen - this doesn't often happen as they usually like to stay away - hope you enjoyed the adventure!)"
Christine & Scott

"We had a lovely time in this beautiful space. Very relaxing and enjoyable, thank-you."
Christine & Colin

"Your cabin is amazing. We really enjoyed our stay. Thank-you."
Adendorff Family

"Thank you for the wonderful stay in this beautiful spot. The garden is so lovely with all the new fern fronds, moss and your little touches."
Linda & Craig

"We had a lovely girls reunion at this special spot. Thanks so much ;-)"
Deana (Edmonton), Shannon (Winnipeg), Sherry (Vancouver) & Jody (Vancouver)

"Our stay at Moon Dance was incredible. It was a wonderful place to begin our married lives and will always be a special memory for us. We hope to someday return."
James & Suzanne

"Wish we could have stayed longer! A beautiful gem of a spot perfectly situated amongst trees overlooking a gorgeous tranquil bay. Perfect for a family getaway. We look forward to booking year after year. A milestone, our little boy learned to roll over on the floor mat while here. Very exciting stuff for his Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa! See you next year!"
Janet, Wade, Peyton, Jayne & Kath

"Spent a peaceful, relaxing and much too short a stay at The Cabin. Truly an escape from everyday life, we enjoyed our time here very much!"
Darryl & Chelsea

"Brad has lived here on the coast for 30 years and I have been here for 20. It's amazing to us that we don't need to go far to find paradise. We so enjoyed the privacy and luxuries of home and are feeling well rested. We are considering a winter stay."
Brad & Shelley

"We had an amazing time. It's truly a magical place!! Thank you for the wonderful memories. We hope to visit again next summer."
Jeremy & Heather

"We had a great time at Moon Dance Cabin for our Honeymoon. We hiked, explored and had lots of R & R and look forward to returning with our daughter to do more."
Johan & Karen

"We had a very relaxing and peaceful honeymoon here. Did the best fishing charter we've ever done with Tips Up Charters, had amazing fish and chips at Laverne's and explored many of the coves and bays in our dinghy."
Carrie & Cameron

"We have absolutely loved being here. Sitting out on the porch where we spent most of our time was so relaxing and peaceful. Swimming here at high tide was wonderful and refreshing. We had dinner a table away from Joni Mitchell at the Ruby Lake Resort Restaurant. Even though we live in New York City we are determined that we will be back!"
Michael & Fred

"We have all enjoyed the stillness of Pender Harbour and it has recharged me to go on to my next semester in school. I wish we could have stayed another day. We'll be back!"

"I've lost track of the days. Thank you for the lovely quiet. We'll be back to enjoy The Perch next."
Kelsy & Jeff

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay!! All the comforts of home with a gorgeous view from a beautiful porch. No bear sightings but lots of other creatures. Your marvelous cabin is a true asset to the Sunshine Coast. My son and I enjoyed chatting with Brent."
John, Debra & Joseph
(FYI in the 10 years since we've had Moon Dance I have only seen bears once. A mother and her cub scrambling through the bushes eager to avoid us, Kathleen)

"Had an amazing, relaxing time. The perfect place for a honeymoon. Thanks!!"
Alicia & Aaron

"Very tranquil and relaxing, the house was spotless when we arrived. My husband and I were looking for a two day escape from urban life and found exactly what we were looking for. Kayaking, bathing, rest, long walks and a lovely dinner at Ruby Lake Restaurant where we found quality and value. We will be back!"
Judy & Ed

"Thanks for the wonderful stay! Our third time here and it's always so peaceful & relaxing! We will be back."
Erik & Larissa

"First time to Pender, we're here for the Jazz Fest - great festival and LOVED The Cabin. We're already trying to figure out when we come back! Great meeting you Brent!"
Brad & Dawn

"Our honeymoon at Moon Dance was magic! Every picture, plant, spirit spoke to us and it was like everything was created for us making it the most incredible honeymoon. Thank-you!"
D & D

"We really enjoyed our short stay in your beautiful cabin. Thank-you"
Matti & Sergey

"It seems impossible to be here and not enjoy yourself. It's been a perfect stay and a great way to celebrate our first anniversary. Thanks for sharing this little corner of the world."
Dylon & Katie

"A much needed break from reality, the city and civilization. Peace and quiet, the fish jumping it reminds us of our family cottage in Quebec. A much needed reality check to remember what's important and what to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!"
Laura & Sean

"Was a great chance to relax and would like to come back with our kayaks. Cabin is A1, so west coast. Love the warmth! Be back soon."
Jeff & Shawn

"I could not have imagined such a place. It was the peace and serenity I was looking for and needed. Morning tea on the covered deck was heaven."

"So peaceful! A perfect romantic escape... we would love to come back."
Erika & Colin

"Our stay at The Cabin was exactly the trip we were looking for. Relaxation, more relaxation, and... a little more! The Cabin is beautiful inside and out and we enjoyed every aspect of it. Can't wait to get back! ;-)"
Virginia & Thomas

"Thank you! What a feat to create this beautiful home in the peaceful serenity that surrounds it! Thanks for your donation to the Lions Bay firefighters."
Hugo & Ramey

"Whether sitting with my husband listening to music by the fire or together this morning outside discussing our future and how we met, we have had an amazing time here together. This is our first time here and even if it's November, wet and wild, this is a great place to relax, to run away from ordinary life and forget about our problems."
Jwone & Tomek

"We have had a wonderful quiet honeymoon. Thank you so much for a clean cabin with everything we needed for the week."
Ben & Miriam

"First time here and we loved it. Can't wait to come back."
Rob & Shawn

"What an absolutely fabulous way to wake up. A gorgeous place we only wish we could stay longer."
Danielle, Anita, Farid & Rob

"Can't say enough about this place. The views, location, amenities, and solace all add up to create an epic weekend. We don't want to go home."
Ana & Bryn

"We loved our stay at this beautiful cabin. It made the perfect place for my hubby's birthday celebration and one last getaway before our little one arrives. We will definitely return."
Amy & Scott

"A fine start to spring and our first trip to the Sunshine Coast. Brilliant!! Hope to be back. Happy Easter!!"
Thomas & Sophie

"Came here to unwind and celebrate my wife's completion of her resident physician board exams and we couldn't have picked a better place to do so! I'll take a modern cabin in the woods over a rustic one any day - thank-you!!!"
Ken & Karen

"Enjoyed our stay so much. Wonderfully peaceful and quiet, it was a beautiful romantic anniversary away from the kids. Couldn't have been better."
Alicia & Dave

"WOW, what a peaceful 2 weeks. The Perch was more than we had hoped for! We really appreciated the seclusion and closeness with the untouched nature around us. Our first official trip with our 5 month old. We hope to come back."
Nicolas, Nicole & Baby Ezechiel

"From the moment we arrived until we absolutely, positively had to put our things back in the car once again we have loved being here! The Perch was everything a vacation should be for us; calm secluded with beauty enough to fill our hearts and leave for those who follow. We are inspired as we head back to our lives."
Claudia & David

"What an amazing place! Looks like art but feels like home. Couldn't have asked for a better combination. Hope to make it back again... and again!"
Emily, Yuin & Lin

"I think we've found our home away from home. Loved every moment of our stay."

"Wonderful dinners on the deck, an outstanding tour of Princess Louisa Inlet and an artisan crawling tour. Loved the trumpeter swan!"
Maria & Mike

"What a visual delight both inside and out. Each window frame seems to have its own piece of artwork. We really appreciated all of your art collection - a surprise at every corner. Inspired by your pieces we visited Motoko's gallery and bought one of her works. Such a peaceful place we enjoyed watching the swan slowly move."
Kathleen & David

"21st century design in nature's homeland and it stoned me to my soul... etc."
Jayne, Harry & Asha

"We had such a lovely stay here, even baby Koji enjoyed the serenity of this beautiful place. We will definitely come back!"
Myriam, Geoff & Koji

"We had a great time of rest, relaxation & fun at The Perch. As the first week of our honeymoon it was the perfect place to unwind after the busy time leading up to the wedding. We took time to cook, enjoy meals and wine on the deck and exploring the area - all great fun!"
Cydney & Brian

"Thanks for the mini holiday. It was great. Scenery gorgeous, weather fine. Enjoyed watching the tide and the birds. What a lovely setting... all the comforts of home and then some."
Dianne & Una

"Although very short we had a pleasant stay and enjoyed your wonderful stereo system for a late evening. We spent the day recording a new CD album for Dawn Chubai and came back here to unwind for the evening. Thank you, we loved it!"
Gary & Ron

"We were so blessed to spend our honeymoon here. The seclusion and sense of peace we found here were exactly what we needed. We will definitely pass on the good news about this hidden gem in the beautiful rain forest."
Jeanette & Pinpy

"We've had a wonderful week enjoying the peace and quiet here at Moon Dance. Waking up to the sounds of ravens has been a welcome change from the city. We enjoyed exploring the local parks and trails and our particular favorites were Francis Point and Skookumchuk Rapids where we watched the seals surfing on the waves."
Angela & Edward

"Staying at The Perch has allowed us to connect with nature and each other in a way that resounds. The space built with such care and attention to detail makes our time here special. Thank you for putting your heart into this."

"Ditto to what everyone else has written. Thanks for putting such care into this place. What a great esthetic sense, attention to detail and excellent construction + design. Things we liked (partial list) kitchen well stocked with tools and utensils / beauty inside and out / great bed & bedding (I travel a lot so know) / views from every window. We arrived in a snowstorm and enjoyed the winter wonderland and the seclusion we needed for resting and writing."
David & Marlena

"Aloha - we truly enjoyed our stay at your lovely home with dinner by the fire, watching the tides trickle in and out and walking the Sakinaw Lake Outflow Trail."
Mike & Maggie

"Our first time here but it came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint! A much needed escape. Hope to return again to this relaxing haven soon!"
Julianna & Matt

"What a great find! Enjoyed escaping the rain by the fireplace... Thank-you for a wonderful birthday weekend. All the little extras were noticed and much appreciated. We will be back!"
Graham, Laura & Becky

"So still and quiet. Beautiful."
Bruce & Karen

"A wonderful weekend get-away. Perfect setting for a peaceful mini vacation. We will be back soon."
Ian & Amanda

"A wonderful cabin and a great time had by all of us. Loved the peaceful setting nestled in the trees, family walks, walks in the mud (youngest fell in - it's a memory I will always cherish!) Always looked forward to late afternoon sun streaming into The Cabin all cozy and warm with the fire going. Great place to unwind from city life. Next time we're going to try The Perch which also looks pretty cool."
Brian, Lorena, Kyla & Maya

"Thank you for sharing Moon Dance with us."
Zach, Brian, Aedan & Greer

"Thank you for the wonderful trip!"

"Hard to leave, but leave we must. Loved the silence of nature (when the kids weren't whooping it up and drumming by the water's edge). Sitting on the deck and listening to the bird calls was a treat."
James, Shannon, Evan & Lauren

"We feel refreshed just by being here 2 nights. Don't want to go back but we must. We will be back! Awesome experience - thank you so much!"
Michelle & Kevin

"Great view! Very peaceful. It's like camping but with all the necessary facilities. Will come back."
Kimberly & Gregg

"Beautiful cabin. Love the quiet, love the fireplace, love the tub, loved watching the tide come in and out. Loved everything and definitely coming back."
Cheryl & Will

"Thanks for a very nice pleasant time off from the hustle of modern time."
Donna & Rob

"Amazing experience! Coming back in the summer. Thanks again!"
Rob, Mike, Alanna & Courtney

"We will be back for a third visit for sure! Our first visit was Aug 2009 and we will not wait so long next until the time. Thanks."
Don & Maureen

"Enjoyed The Cabin and surrounding area. We're from West Texas so we're in awe of the landscape, water and vegetation. Thanks for sharing."
The B Family

"My husband and I came to Moon Dance for our third anniversary. We could not have found a better place! This is what we needed, a beautiful, very quiet and magic place and some time to get caght up with each other and away from the stress of children etc and back to the essentials of love and spending time together. We drank warm coffee by the water, bought fresh prawns from a fisherman at the Government wharf - Delicious! We had the time of our life and reminded me that I have the best husband in the world!"
Manon & Richard

"We had an amazing visit to the Sunshine Coast. Great hiking and relaxing! Everyone in the community is kind and helpful."
Kate & J.P.

"Thank you very much. We enjoyed our stay here."
Dalia, Nadeem & Mohamed

"We spent the last days of our honeymoon here. What a perfect place. We loved exploring the area."
Jordy & Amanda

"Four of us came to celebrate my 30th birthday. We relished the quiet, the comfort and the views from the window and deck. It's a beautiful piece of paradise and the calm is amazing. We also found some delicious berries - we'll be back."
Avital, Liby, Darcy & Marisa

"Thank-you for the great mini vacation. We really enjoyed the peaceful quiet and serenity here."
Ed & Lee

"How do you describe twelve days spent in a paradise called Moon Dance. Surrounded by tall pines, the ebb and flow of tides and a mild climate, we simply relaxed, read and listened to music and to the birds gossip about oysters. We watched the slugs race to the top of the stone path as we gathered ripe huckleberries for early morning pancakes. We will miss Moon Dance but the memories will be with us for a very long time."
Gary & Jean

"We all very much enjoyed our adventures here on the Sunshine Coast and look forward to returning someday. (Footnote from Kathleen - A sincere thanks to Anise & Greyson for their artistic contributions to the guest book)"
Teresa, Daniel, Anise & Greyson

"Too short! A great escape from Yaletown's racket."
Paul & Lynda

"We had such a lovely time at Moon Dance Cabin our original 2 night stay turned into 4 nights! We enjoyed the peace and view so much we only left once during our stay. What a wonderful writers retreat and finally a bathtub built for two adults to enjoy! Many Thanks."
Jonny & Chelsea

"What a beautiful week it's been in this amazing quiet place. We enjoyed walks, listening to ducks laugh, fishing, catching nothing and eating salmon from town and having nothing to do. Pure bliss and amazing memories for our honeymoon."
Ryan & Christa

"Another wonderful stay at Moon Dance. We usually stay at The Perch so The Cabin was like coming back to an old friend - with nothing to do but watch the water move and listen to the sounds of nature."
Susan & Tony

"What started out as a last-minute getaway turned into our second honeymoon! Moon Dance was the cherry on the cake of our trip to B.C. We have travelled the world and never had a more peaceful & magical experience. This place is a slice of heaven."
Barbara & Josh

"There is absolutely no better way to relax than to stay at a cabin in a rainstorm with a warm fire and a glass (or two) of wine! In the morning we would watch the birds feeding on the water, very serene and peaceful. It probably added two more years to our lives."
Trevor & Stacey

"A wonderful, tranquil stay - so comfortable for a great girl's getaway."
Bonnie & Diane

"This was our 3rd time coming here and it was as wonderful as ever. After a crazy semester of studying this cabin was the perfect way to unwind. Thanks for everything!"
Jess & Tony

"Thank you for an amazing getaway. The fire was cozy, the view amazing and the fresh air reviving! The locals are so nice and we were able to get fresh crab in the middle of winter! We're definitely coming back!"
Jacqueline & Gabriel

"What a wonderful place to spend Christmas & New Years! This is our third consecutive Christmas holiday here and our 5th stay overall at Moon Dance. Yes we love it here - especially the natural beauty and solitude!! Happy New Year!"
John & Henrik

"New Years 2012 - We watched 20 episodes of Sex in the City, hiked the Skookumchuck Trail to the rapids, had a great coffee in Madeira Park Village, cooked a nice dinner and hollered "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" on the deck at the top of our lungs with Prosecca as guns shot off somewhere over the hill. Thanks for the fresh air and coziness!"
Jeremy & Kristen

"Thank you for sharing - for the weekend we felt like Rock Stars. We watched snow fall while eating breakfast which was amazing. We got some local artwork to take home. It was the best honeymoon ever! We look forward to coming back again and again!"
Kristin & Andrew

"Thank you for making possible the perfect anniversary getaway! The Perch is so cozy and welcoming, the views exquisite, the green outside every window enchanting and the peaceful silence is soothing. A real change compared to our active household filled with kids. We are very relaxed!"
Michelle & Dave

"I am here by myself on a "Mommy" getaway and that's exactly what it has been. I have been calm and relaxed since the minute I opened the door. I tubbed, had a fire, cooked, drank champagne, explored, photographed, read, danced and remembered myself... Thank you Perch and Oyster Bay for an amazing time. I have already told a few other Mama's and couples. This place is tranquil, the art beautiful, the view spectacular and it will forever stay in my heart. Until the next time..."

"The Perch helped time and schedules slip away during our marvelous stay. We loved the views, the natural setting, the tub... the effect is like being in a beautifully designed, luxurious tree house sharing space and time with the ravens, seagulls and bald eagles. Shannon loved the painting above the fireplace! Great memories of a much needed getaway! The kids gave it a 5 star rating!"
James, Shannon, Evan & Lauren

"Well another great weekend here of food, love, laughter, games and maybe a little too much wine. Here's to many more years of this!"
The Girls

"My husband's favorite getaway - that's why we're back again. A fabulous place to be away from home. We especially love the fireplace and the bathtub."
The Sprechers

"We've spent a very enjoyable few days here. The Perch is a wonderful place to relax with bald eagles and humming birds - amazing!"
Keith & Jenny

"The Perch is a fantastic place for our little family weekend getaway vacation. We really enjoyed staying here and will come again for sure!"
Donal, Min Chi & Liam

"Thank you for creating this little piece of heaven. I don't remember the last time I felt so relaxed. Until the next time..."
Melody & Derek

"Inspiration and comfortable beyond expectation. Thank you for creating, maintaining and sharing this piece of paradise."
Virginia & Phillippa

"We had a relaxing and wonderful time here."
Lorraine, Amy, Lisa & Xiang

"This beautiful place was the perfect spot to come and be quiet and remember that we're in love! Looking forward to coming back with family, friends and just ourselves in the future."
Lindsay & Gerard

"We had a fabulous family weekend with three generations of Keiskis. We spent hours on the deck chatting & listening to the birds. A beautiful house and gorgeous, quiet location. We'll be back."
Jussi, Rivta, Nathalie, Rob & Elias

"The Perch is one of the nicest holiday rentals we have ever seen. The whimsical architecture, the light, trees & sky everywhere. Perfect place for a short or long stay."
Ruth & C

"Great way to spend Canada Day! We loved our stay here - the cabin is amazing!! It rained the entire time we were here but it was very relaxing and we'll be back. It was our 2 month old daughter MacKenzie's first trip and she loved all the windows. Be back soon!"
Etienne, Meagan & MacKenzie

"Another year here and the sun didn't stop shining even through the one time that it rained. Spectacular as usual. The Hollenswallows will aim to be back in Perhistrano for next July's retreat."
The Regulars (Morley & Joan)

The Moroziuk Family

"What a wonderful place to come for a honeymoon! The details of the house and open plan make the whole property an art piece! It was relaxing and driving along the coast was a beautiful way to see more of Canada."
Evan & Kelsey

"We absolutely loved our stay! Neither words or pictures can begin to describe how heavenly this place truly is! Simply amazing - thank-you!"
Pam & Marc

"We love the building, structure, very peaceful surrounding and the Star Wars Collection. Overall a great 2 days at Moon Dance. We'll be back next year for sure."
Javiera & Giverara Family

"Absolutely spectacular. What an amazing space. We will be back!"
Carly & Sam

"Everything is so tastefully and elegantly done. Beautiful craftsmanship and comfortable. It was a perfect getaway and our only regret is that we didn't have more time here."
Diana & Myron

"What a beautiful place to come and get away from city life. Hope to come back again!"
Chris & Michelle

"Lazy mornings waiting fo the sun to warm the front patio so we could enjoy our coffe & Baileys. Lazy late afternoons with wine and cheese on the back deck. Lazy evenings in front of the fire or maybe a soak in the tub. Wildlife sightings while in the area (elk, deer, seal with baby & 5 cougars a.k.a. The Real Housewifes of Vancouver at The Secret Cove Resort). All in all just what we needed, thanks."
Jody & Whitney

"Stunning home. Many lazy hours on the awesome patio. No wildlife sightings (happy for lack of bears but sad for no deer!) Such nice peace and quite for two city dwellers. Will come back again."
Gillian & Gent

"What an amazing place to escape the city! Loved the wood burning fireplace and bathtub - so relaxing!"
Jen & Wes

"Thank-you for a place to unwind to escape from our busy schedule and relax & enjoy each other. Five days of golfing (18 holes) on your beautiful course with deer sightings every day. We will return."
Kim & Eileen

"We had a fabulous few days filled with relaxation, picture perfect views and lots of fun! Love, Love, Love the tub! Thank-you and we'll be back!!"
Tara & Ryan

"What a wonderful place to spend Christmas! A haven of solitude within which to indulge the senses. We loved listening to the rain, hearing a distant raven calling, enjoyed a beautiful walk through the forest to Skookumchuk Rapids (enveloped in a curtain of green!) and spent much needed time relaxing and re-connecting. Thank-you for sharing this beautiful spot. Nick had no regrets choosing this getaway for his 40th instead of having a party."
Nick & Lisa

"Second time here and this time as a married couple instead of a 'getting to know each other' couple. Equally as peaceful, with big trees, good meals, good music and good company. This is the best stocked kitchen in any cabin that we have ever stayed at which is many. We'll be back."
Andrew & Margot

"We're back for our 2nd stay at Moon Dance Cabin after last time staying at The Perch. This time we spent the magical week between Christmas and New Years, looking for tranquillity at the end of a year with major world travel - and we found it! We will be back again."
John & Henrik, Vancouver

"Started the New Year off right - on vacation!! Great second time at The Cabin."
Jordan & Kayleigh, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"We had a great time at Moon Dance! We hiked Mt. Daniel for beautiful views, Smuggler's Cove and Skookumchuk for magical scenery. We also got to see "Ice - Off" on Oyster Bay. P.S. Loved the selection of Music."
Darrell & Carrie, Kelowna, B.C.

"Very enjoyable. Lovely location nestled in the woods. A great get away."
John & Charisse, North Vancouver, B.C.

"Love the space, love the setting. So private, so intimate and well set up. Love the music everywhere and the large bathtub."
Andrea & Adam, Vancouver, B.C.

"A little rain, a little sun. Wonderful weekend, lots of fun. Great sunset at the Painted Boat."
Mark & Catherine,

"We loved our time here - so cozy & private. Amazing views at the top of Mt. Daniel!"
Jordan & Kaethe, Texas, USA

"Enjoyed our time here - very relaxing - thanks!"
Al, Pat, Tracy & Dave

"What a wonderful place! Thank you for everything - can't wait to be back!"
Graham & Heather

"Thanks for letting us honeymoon here - it was fandiddlyastic!"
Ryan & Kathleen

"The view from the top of Mt. Daniel was incredible, definitely worth the hike. The Cabin was everything we hoped for and more. Canada hs been awesome!"
Katherine & Samson

"We had a wonderful time here! The dramatic tide changes, beautiful cabin and enchanting back garden all makes for a unique and relaxing experience."
Mark, Lucy, Erin & Bill

"We had a lovely relaxing time and really enjoyed the beautiful views and the lovely balcony. We went on slo-cat tour and really enjoyed that too!"
Danielle, Aisling, Cathy & Morie

"We enjoyed the peacefulness of this cabin and the beautiful location. The wildlife from deer, coyotes, snakes and salamanders and hummingbirds in the scarlet bugle flowers on the east side of the cabin. Beautiful! Enjoyed the BBQ, shower, tub, music and gorgeous artwork. Inspiring stuff for us artists! Our grandchild enjoyed your mobile - thanks!"
Larry, Karen, Kalen, Berita & Karissa

"A glorious week of sunshine and local adventures. Hiked up Pender Hill and savoured the magnificent land/seascape. This cabin with dancing reflections provided a tranquil retreat from the outside world. Thanks!"
Barb & Jim

"A wonderful, amazing, breathtaking, relaxing, rejuvenating, romantic, peaceful and magical piece of heaven. My thoughtful hubby who turned 54, brought us to Moon Dance to "recharge" and your lovely cabin and beautiful surroundings made that possible. Sure hope we get to do a return trip one day."
Ann & Ron

"Beautiful music, beautiful art, peace on the deck - the world slips away..."
Gerrit & Beatrice

"We were married at Strathcona Park Lodge last weekend and came here for a post-wedding getaway. We loved the peace and quiet and beautiful surroundings. The rapids & view from Mt. Daniel were worth seeing. Thanks for helping us recharge!."
Kath & Jeremy

"What a wonderful place to spend our honeymoon! Totally relaxing and enjoyable. A beautiful area. We plan on returning for an anniversary in the future."
Brock & Jaimee

"We were missing the cabin we once had at Yosemite and when we walked in the door it felt like we were back there... made us shed a tear. We'll be back ;-)"
Karen & Willy

"A home away from home. Away from the noisy world and close to beautifully created nature. Calm, peaceful and perfectly relaxing getaway, just exactly what we needed - thanks a lot!"
& Loren

"Amazing couple of days. Very calm and peaceful spot. Very grateful to have found this place. Thank you for the great, cozy atmosphere."
Emily & Tyler

"We had a wonderful time - Moon Dance was a beautiful place to celebrate the holidays. Thank you very much."
Rebecca & Carlos

"Our 4th time here - obviously we love it! Happy New Year!!!"
Henrik & John

"Another awesome stay! Hopefully be back in the summer. Thanks so much."
Jen & Steve, Burnaby, B.C.

"What a great get away! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves..."
Gila & Heather, Seattle WA

"Again a wonderful relaxing get-away. Love,"
Susan & Tony, Tswn, B.C.

"The second stop on our Sunshine Coast honeymoon. BEAUTIFUL! The entire building is a work of art. Thank you for a wonderful stay and for adding to our memories of this amazing adventure we've started."
John & Salan, Vancouver, B.C.

"We celebrated our 10 years of love together in this beautiful space. Loved it! Indeed a very romantic, artistic, relaxing and nature place."
Roxana & Polo, Mexico & Vancouver

"Thank you so much, we couldn't ask for anything more. We'll be back again, can't wait!!"
Caroline & Tommy

"The worst part about Moon Dance Perch is having to leave. We enjoyed fabulous days and nights here in the naturally beautiful surroundings. An unforgettable experience! We will definitely return."
Oskar & Elizabeth, (also) Mexico & Vancouver

"Another wonderful get away."
Susan & Tony, Tswn, B.C.

"We were so pleasantly surprised when we walked in, the pictures from your website don't do this beautiful place justice! There was so much thought and love put into the design and planning of this special retreat. Thank you so much for sharing this window on nature."
Michele & Robert

"To quote Van Morrison, "fantabulous". Moon Dance is great for the heart and the soul! Great music selection (Jesse Cook works very well), or just listen to the native songbird and smell the very fresh air. This place is a pleasure for all the senses."
Robert & Michele

"The Sunshine Coast came through for us with wonderful sunny days to explore and The Perch was more than we could have imagined. What a perfect place of solitude and relaxation. Thanks for creating this little bit of paradise for so many to enjoy!"
Del & Sylvia

"We enjoyed our 25th anniversary at The Perch. This place is beautiful inside and out. We had a great time kayaking around Pender Harbour and got 2 days of sunshine - lucky us!"
Ben & Cheryl

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us for our team day retreat."
Sunshine Coast C.S.S.

"Well done - we relaxed and enjoyed every romantic moment - we will definitely be back soon."
Camil & Amy

"Fabulous! We have visited resorts and B&B's all along the coast and The Perch is by far one of the best. Relaxing & remote, yet all the amenities you could want."
Ron & Jen

"The Perch was the most relaxing and perfect place to come for our short honeymoon. The openness and natural light inside combined with the peace and quiet of the surrounding mountains and forest made us fell so comfortable & cozy we never wanted to leave!"
Niyuz & Asiyih

"Thank you for allowing us to stay at this wonderful serene place. We are sad to leave after only 1 night."
Ethel & Alan, Ian & Gunner

"Yet again... the best!"
Morley & Joan

"When we walked in we said "WOW"... and the wow feeling never faded. This place is magic and as we head back to the UK we feel our equilibrium restored and a new sense of perspective."
Joan & John

"Love The Perch! Tell the architect/designer that he/she did a great job! Skookumchuck Rapids were awesome!"
Joe & Linda

"New wonderful memories were created here at The Perch. Thank you for having created this incredibly inspiring, cool, wonderful, calming, elegant "home away from home". Great use of space and the art is fabulous. We don't want to leave!"
Margot & Andrew

"A gorgeous cabin in a beautiful setting. We're sorry to leave and will definitely return."
Mat & Moira

"Epic weekend at The Perch! We had to extend our trip by a day because we didn't want to leave. What a spot!."
Neil & Erin

"Thank you for a lovely, relaxing anniversary getaway. We can't wait to come back."
Sandi & John

"What a great way to spend a long weekend. Until we get our own we'll use this fantastic spot as our escape."
Mitch & Nancy, Seattle

"Lovely spot & very quiet. Great way to spend a weekend with someone you love."
Paul & Debbie, Surrey

"Talk about romance-city!! The fireplace, artwork, bathtub, etc. - all perfect and absolutely LOVE the speaker system. Thank you for creating such an idyllic space."
Alexa & Matt

"A lovely, well kept, peaceful location that satisfies archetypal needs for protection, comfort and a connection to the outdoors and nature."
Liz, Vancouver

"A very nice place. The only problem we had was when we went onto the tidal flats with rubber boots and I fell into the mud!"
Lukey, Vancouver

"The wood burning stove and beautiful sound system made the rainy days not such a bad thing at all and the sunny days - stunning!"
Aki & Toru, Vancouver

"Every detail of this place has been thought out so carefully to bring peace & comfort to all its guests. Thanks for adding to the beautiful memory of our engagement."
Philip & Britta, Vancouver

"We loved our stay. The Cabin is everything we'd hoped for & more. We found the local people very friendly & welcoming. Golfing was fantastic! What a wonderful escape from our crazy lives."
Kelly & Marina

"We really enjoyed the stay, great place, great view. Will be back very soon."
- unsigned -

"We love this place. The wonderful quiet atmosphere and the great friendly community have made our honeymoon so much better. We very much enjoyed our stay here and am looking forward to coming back soon. Thank you Brent and Kathleen for the wonderful opportunity."
Victoria & Robert, Abbotsford

"We loved every minute we spent here. Gorgeous & relaxing! The view is spectacular & watching the tide come in was fantastic. Thanks for the great couple of days. We'll recommend this place to everyone!!"
Marc & Brad, Toronto & Vancouver

"Spent every minute enjoying the place. The tide timings are weird though."
Harry, Sean & Ryan

"In celebration of our 27th Wedding Anniversary, what a beautiful & peaceful place! Perfect to enjoy our relaxing & romantic getaway. Hope to come back soon."
Roberto & Micheline

"We had a great time and enjoyed the sunset with wine. Fantastic weather and delightful conversation. Beautiful cabin, clean and has everything we could possibly need. Thanks."
Anayasi & David and Angelica & Jesus

"This has been an amazing last few days! We love it here! Quiet, relaxing, romantic... A perfect place to spend our honeymoon! Thank-you!! P.S. LOVE THE TUB!!"
Jeff & Deanna, Edmonton

"It's been a great couple of days here. The wood stove, the scenery, the restaurants and yes, the tub. This beautiful cabin with almost no one around was the perfect place for our honeymoon and we hope to come back again one day. Yes, my new husband did a great job planning our honeymoon. I love it here!"
Tom & Mandy, Edmonton

"Very relaxing and peaceful. Romantic too... yes the tub! A home away from home. We'll be back."
Paul & Lynda

"Magic! My best friend in the world was visiting me in Vancouver & we wanted to get away from the city for a couple of days. When we arrived we both went "WOW!" Everything was absolutely perfect."
Hedy & Larry, Richmond & Toronto

"Thank you. We had a beautiful time and are already planning our next trip."
Tracy & Tom, Vancouver

"Thanks so much for this cozy cabin in such a beautiful & peaceful setting! We had a wonderful time and saw huge numbers of jelly fish, bioluminescent & plankton in the bay - magical all around!"
Katrina & Mike, Vancouver

"Your Cabin was the perfect setting for exactly the type of honeymoon we were hoping for. We slept in, took naps in the middle of the day and only did what we felt like. Had a great hike up Mt. Daniel & enjoyed exploring the coast. The local folk were very welcoming & hospitable. One guy even fixed a problem with our truck for free! Thanks for a great place to enjoy a great start to our marriage!"
Brent & Zanna, Washington

"How about this... I got to meet Kathleen 22 years ago and we've only had letter contact since then. She & Brent stayed at The Perch and I stayed at The Cabin and we celebrated my birthday and went to Skookumchuck Rapids. It was a perfect day. Top that!"
Stan, San Diego, California

"Another wonderful visit to Moon Dance. Next time we won't wait so long to return. xoxo"
Susan & Tony

"My amazing husband & wonderful children brought me here for my 40th birthday. It was a complete surprise. It's a memory I will cherish forever. This is the most peaceful, beautiful comfy place that we've ever visited. Thank you for having us. We can't wait to come back! Next time our son is determined to catch one of those leaping fish!"
John, Jill, Ben & Kelsey, Coquitlam

"We came here on our honeymoon and it was perfect, private, romantic... just right!"
Brandi & Basil, Lillooet

"What an incredible place to spend our anniversary and enjoy a peaceful & relaxing holiday before baby #2 joins our family! Reading, cooking, relaxing... and Justin managed to squeeze in two swims in the bay (in November - brrrr!) We were also able to soak up some sun by the water one afternoon - Justin carried the chairs down - it was absolutely stunning and the tub and wood burning stove made this cabin perfect for cold days. The artist gift certificates were a great touch."
Naomi & Justin, Vancouver & Ireland

"Also enjoyed our anniversary here - our 18th. Wonderful place to read, do snuggles, listen to music & the rain outside & generally relax in a fabulously cozy and comfy home-like place. There was nothing we could think of that this place doesn't have and we made full use of the well-equipped kitchen. The wood stove is fantastic. I like the little fan powered by the heat. Lots of bird life in the bay. Fantastic place - set a new standard!"
Judy & Geoff, Vancouver

"My daughter and I have had a very special time together here. We are back for a trip to see family and friends here. The way The Perch is designed it frees your thinking and thoughts."
Lyn & Taygan, Moncton

"We have had a lovely slice of refreshing paradise for our 5th wedding anniversary and I must say nothing beats early pregnancy nausea like sitting on the deck in the morning with tea."
Avital & Chris, Vancouver

"Our little escape was very much treasured. Cheers,"
Tom & Adrienne, NSW, Australia

"Restful... Relaxing... Romantic. Truly a lovely retreat!"
Philip & Cindy, North Vancouver

"Showed up just in time to witness Canada win Olympic Gold in Men's Hockey. It started our stay off on a positive note and stayed that way throughout."
Gordon & Finteley, Cloverdale

"We enjoyed our weekend - everything we wanted and one of the best parts was the bathtub! We will definitely come back for our stress relief from the urban city."
Kevin & Eva

"Breathtaking, cozy, modern & quiet and wonderful for a small family to have some great bonding time. We had lots of laughs and great food while being so relaxed."
Crystal, Pete, Keenan & Hilton, Kelowna

"The Perch is certainly a stunning accommodation in an even more stunning location. I love the flora and fauna thriving on the property. My mother and her husband are big William Allister appreciators."

"Cleansing. Light, mists raising our spirit. Bathed, purified. Drizzle and meditative drops on foliage, while frogs sing percussion, perched in and above, we nestle."
Nette, Vancouver

"Beautiful place and setting! We really had an enjoyable and relaxing time."
Jon & Carin, Smithers

"Our Easter weekend was well spent. The beauty of nature and comfort of home just brought us to remembering to be thankful for our blessings."
Banele & Jay, B.C.

"This was a little getaway for our family - a "spring break" of sorts. The air and ambiance here definitely put us all at ease, and the beauty is breathtaking! We wish we could have stayed longer. Thanks for sharing you lovely cabin with us! Cheers,"
Laura, Dan & Justin, Vancouver/Montreal

"As an '80s pop-icon once sung, "Ooh, heaven is a place on earth!" She must have been fortuitous enough to know of "The Perch" 30 years before we arrived! We've had a fantastic 10 days of fun in the sun and showers, cooking great meals, building big log fires, soaking in the tub and finding our 100th Cache in Canada (check out to join in the fun). Thanks for re-arranging our visit last minute when we were delayed by Eyjafjallajokull Volcano closing UK airspace for almost a week!"
Rich & Lou, London, UK

"We came for our honeymoon and I can't imagine a more perfect, romantic place to celebrate our love. So beautiful and relaxing. Will definitely come back!"
Diane & Ryan, Toronto

"We came to celebrate our 5th anniversary and first trip as a family of four. Loved the views, bath, open airy concept."
Sheldon, Angella, Emma & Jacob

"We could not have asked for a better retreat. Thank you for everything."
Gabriel & Chana, Toronto

"What a beautiful spot, you feel at one with nature. We enjoyed it so much and will be back for more. Love the design of this cottage, we were very impressed. Hiking trails are breathtaking and Skookumchuck Narrows is amazing. You can be visited by hummingbirds, deer, beautiful birds, a bear and an eagle. Thanks again."
Paul & Victoria, New Westminster

"A little getaway for a mom and her two daughters. We left the men and children at home and enjoyed the beautiful PEACE of The Perch. Bubbly on the patio, feeding peanuts to our little squirrel buddy, fireside laughs and even a jellyfish encounter at the water. We had a blast and enjoyed every moment."
Erin, Lindsay & Connie

"You were right - this is truly an awesome place. I will definitely be back some day. We three loved every moment. There was no way of leaving to go out for dinner. The Perch is such a delight to all our senses - Thank-you!"
Dawna, Vancouver

"For us the ultimate paradise! We simply settle into The Perch and enjoy every minute of our time here. Being here has become our new summer ritual - one that fives us immense pleasure year after year. Kathleen & Brent... a stroke of creative genius - our profound thanks with much love,"
Joan & Morley, Calgary

"What a joy to experience the beauty within and without (outside) The Perch. You have been so attentive to all the details of creating a perfect hideaway. As an artist I am inspired by the wonderful art pieces... thank you so very much."
Sanna, Vancouver

"Thank you very much! The Perch was perfect, beautiful and brought us into nature. We were up here for a wedding and couldn't have picked a better location. We will be back to sit in that tub and spend cozy nights near the fire place! Thank-you, truly a lovely cabin."
Francisco & Cory, Alicia & Shaun

"Incredible! What a fabulous retreat. The architecture and art work are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love the gardens."
Lori & Paul, Oshawa

"What a relaxing, most wonderful way to spend our honeymoon. We enjoyed a couple hikes, kayaking, visited the local galleries and treated ourselves to some nice meals in and also went out to several of the restaurants. We look forward to trips back to The Sunshine Coast for anniversaries. Thank you for a wonderful stay!"
Jodi & Jim, Madison, Wisconsin

"Thank you for this tranquil retreat. We will miss the luxury of abundant space, green views and the deep sleep that follows a soak in a deep tub. We had a memorable meal at Feastro in Davis Bay and look forward to lazily grazing our way back down to Langdale having adopted a slower pace."
Randi & Tim, Vancouver, B.C.

"The Perch - a perfect getaway for our 4th anniversary. We couldn't have asked for a more glorious relaxation. Truly loved this enchanting place. We'll be back."
Rob & Maribel, Burnaby, B.C.

"Thank you for sharing The Perch with us! It's a beautiful house, perfect amount of space inside & out! The surrounds are so peaceful. We will most certainly come and want to stay here again. A perfect getaway from the city and yet not too far."
Matt & Sarah, Vancouver, B.C.

"Wonderful. Thank-you!"
Jen & Anders, New Westminster, B.C.

"Fantastic vacation home... one of the nicest we've ever stayed at. We loved the local hikes and the food. We hope to return someday."
Rick & Cynthia, Carlton, Oregon

"The location, the layout, the bath, the fireplace, the view, the smells and sounds are only a few of the best things about this place. We came, we conquered Mt. Daniel (no easy feat), scared off a bear cub looking for food in the trash (good thing they're bear proof) and saved a golden crown kinglet (look it up in the "Birds of Coastal BC" book in the entertainment unit) that flew into the window and became dazed. We even saw a deer hopping about as if it's legs were made of springs. Aaah... what an awesome week, but it's time to go now. Thanks!"
Sally & Charles, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"Wonderful again!!! See you next time."
Dave & Pascal, Vancouver, B.C.

"Cabin was well equipped and beautiful, thank-you."
Farfad & Daniela

"When relatives offered to look after our 10 month old daughter so we could have a relaxing weekend together, we jumped at the chance. We searched everywhere looking for somewhere peaceful, quiet, stress free & beautiful and we found just what we were looking for here! This place is perfect! Thank you for renewing the spirits of two tired first time parents."
Mel & Geoff, Coquitlam, B.C.

"We are both amazed at the details and how we felt so at home. This was our 1st anniversary celebration and can't think of a better way to have spent quiet time away together. Thank you so much."
John & Janine, Sherwood

"Thank you for another fabulous stay. Can't wait to be back next year!"
Holly & Keith, Vancouver

"Thanks for another relaxing spring break! No snow!!"
Rand & Alex, Vancouver

"Another great stay exceeds expectation! Looking forward to coming back."
Sandra, Vancouver

"What an amazing place, we really appreciated every attention to detail, you guys have truly thought of everything!! We hope to be back soon!! Saw a bear across the bay - wow!"
Megan & Kent, Vancouver

"The view is heavenly, the cabin fittings and conveniences divine. (I had one of the best showers of my life here!) The beds were comfy, the tub charming. We wrote and read and munched, sang and danced our weekend away. I have never seen such a dramatic high and low tide as at Oyster Bay. We loved the Ray Charles CD and of course listened to Van Morrison's "Moon Dance". Your sound system is incredible. Listening to my CD's here was a revelation. We felt blessed and grateful to have access to a place like this."
Glen, Parm & Manpe, Vancouver

"The big red chair is so awesome! The sound system is so great. We loved your cabin. Our family had a cozy, mystical stay."
Robbie & Yara

"We've had a wonderful week at The Cabin - enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so much for sharing and we will definitely come back soon!!"
Henry, Sandra & Lukas

"We had a fabulous, relaxing time!"
Kyle, Carol & Lucy

"This place far surpassed our expectations and made for a pretty perfect 1st anniversary. The cabin is beautifully made in a lovely spot and the attention to details makes it even better. Thank-you."

"Loved it immensely and will be back for another "working holiday" very soon!!"
Jutta, Germany

"This is our third trip. First time in the summer, though. We still managed to use the stove on the rainy days. Again we had a fantastic, relaxing time. Bringing the canoe along was well worth the effort."
Brian, Paula, Lauren & Isaac, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"A lovely, tranquil spot. Wonderfully relaxing. It is a gorgeous place and just what I was looking for."
Gail, West Vancouver

"This was our 1st summer holiday in Canada and we loved it. Thanks for providing the boots with the cabin. We were able to walk with them at low tide and paddled in our inflatable at high tide."
Hein, Claire, Jasper & Cloe, Calgary

"Thank you for sharing this wonderful cabin with us. Delightful and the weather was superb."
Dana & Barry, Calgary

"We had a great experience and amazing weather to go with it and loved waking up in the morning to absolute silence and eating breakfast on the porch with the bay as smooth as glass beside us. Thanks!"
G & A, Victoria

"It was like we dreamed this cabin to build for ourselves, with a mountain, water and our view. Our second day it rained but with the good music and reading we enjoyed simply being here. Heaven on earth!"
Pat & Wayne, Calgary & Nanaimo

"My experience booking vacation rentals has been disappointing until Moon Dance. The pictures on the website don't do it justice. It's the perfect couple get-away and spotless. We'll be back!"
Don & Maureen, Richmond

"Short stay but memorable nonetheless. Peaceful and serene it sure beats the city life - a home away from home. We're coming back."
Harvey & Todd, Vancouver

"Fabulous place, so quiet and relaxing. We love it."
Bridget & Michel, Burnaby

"As we approached "Moon Dance" with the roadway narrowing at each turn, our anticipation increased. We automatically lowered our voices to whisper in awe of the beautiful setting, more private than expected. As our visit passed we gradually realized how much thought, time & effort went into enhancing/creating such a paradise... "
Karen & Henri, Calgary

"Wow! This has been a great escape - and we've never had so much fun getting stuck in the mud. Thank-you for all the memories."
Zoe & JP, Vancouver

"Great place to rest, relax and leave the city behind!"
Larry, Rene, Pina & Ron

"We had another great visit! Both the Perch and The Cabin are great places to stay. We even got to go fishing."
Jordan & Kayleigh, Maple Ridge

"We had a relaxing weekend and Saturday was bright and sunny so we explored this beautiful area."
Vaughan & Lyn

"We had no idea - we just arrived in paradise. So wonderful, we'll be back."
Sue & Randy, Richmond

"Our second time here and again - wonderful! We'll be back!"
Til & Al, Ladner

"First time to the Sunshine Coast and your Cabin was fantastic. Thank-you"
Breann & Ian

"Take all the comments before ours and put them in one word 'FANTASTIC.'"
Lorne & Marjorie, White Rock, B.C.

"Beautiful spot - especially loved our 'snow day' when the car wouldn't make it up the drive. Had a nice walk and then lit a cozy fire. We had an early morning hike to Skookumchuk this morning then back to reality."
Sue & Brad, Calgary, Alberta

"Moon Dance is everything we hoped for and more. The location, the scenery, the water, the trees, the perch, the attention to detail, all the special little things with which you have created an ultimate west coast retreat. My new bride and I enjoyed this so much. We'll be back to sample each season here."
Rob & Christine, Tsawwassen, B.C.

"Adriana suggested that we come up here for Valentine's Day, seeing as we'd enjoyed our honeymoon at the Cabin so much. It is absolutely wonderful here! The architectural design, the beautiful wood everywhere, the gorgeous deck w/view, and (what really sets your properties apart for me), the beautiful art throughout. You've put as much thought, time, effort & heart into these 'homes-away-from-home' it's just beautiful here. We're already making plans to come back in summer! Cheers,"
Michael & Adriana

"Our stay at The Perch was just what we needed! We enjoyed the warmth from the wood burning fireplace and the beautiful nature surrounding us. Went on a great hike to see the Skookumchuk rapids!"
Kayleigh & Jordan, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"What a fantastic little cabin - a world away from London spent with wonderful friends. An icy morning swim, a beautiful run - if anything... just too short."
Charlie, Sarah & Zelda

"So inspiring to come to The Perch and pick up ideas for decorating. Enjoyed our stay very much! Our 45th wedding anniversary. Very surprised at how mountainous this area is. Great hiking. Thanks for a wonderful stay. Our favourite type of vacation."
Harvey & Marg, Penticton, B.C.

"We both feel very relaxed after our stay in your beautiful home. The quiet is good to refresh the mind and has helped us in our plans for the future. A home away from home! We may well be back next year and will stay longer as it never seems enough. Thank you again and best wishes."
Sue & Don, Alnwick, Northumberland, U.K.

"We had a wonderful time here away from the city life we are used to. We loved being able to relax and be surrounded by such beauty. We both agree it was the perfect spot to spend our first week being married. Thank you."
Dustin & Kristie

"Back again! Home from home, we hope to return... again. Thank you,"
Sue & Don, Alnwick, Northumberland, U.K.

"We have officially found our new getaway spot. Writing this in bed on our last night here, we're also planning our next visit. Literally enjoyed every last second of our stay. The memories will be in our minds and hearts for a long time to come."
Jamer & Sun Mi, Vancouver, B.C.

"Yet another wonderful night for Brent's gardening crew (minus Niki). Note the natural beauty of the gardens. It's what we do. Looking forward to another staff retreat!"
Robyn, MikeyJ, Tan & Ashley, Delta, B.C.

"Yet another girls weekend away. Fabulous food & friendship, a bit of drink, lots of laughter and not enough sleep - It just doesn't get any better! Our card games were tooo fun! Thank you for this piece of heaven, it is so beautiful... all my love,"
Linda, White Rock, B.C.

"It's absolutely gorgeous, peaceful & serene wth a glass of wine on the deck listening to the wind rustle the trees. We didn't see the bear but heard him bashing the garbage can in the night."
Mary Jean & Art, North Vancouver, B.C.

"What a place. To be so connected to nature and yet to be so pampered. A great escape from the city."
Ari & Doug, New West, B.C. & Lawrence, MA

"We're in a bit of a hurry right now. As predicted we didn't want to leave. Thank you for the wonderful place, we can't wait to come back for more than a few days next time. I guess B.C. really is the best place on earth!"
Tago & AnaRita, Vancouver, B.C. & Portugal

"What a wonderful place to celebrate our second wedding anniversary! We loved the beautiful calm atmosphere and the gorgeous, modern architecture. The BBQ and the DVD player are an awesome touch. We enjoyed the freedom of big open windows that still maintain our privacy."
Adrian & Amber, Mission, B.C.

"So perfect, exactly what I was hoping for in celebration of ten years of marriage. I hope we can come back. With gratitude,"
Sarah & Justin, White Rock, B.C.

"We wish we could stay longer. The Perch has been a balm to our souls - much needed after the sudden death of a dear friend. We will be back for a longer visit,"
Dawn & Mark, Calgary, Alberta

"A perfect place for a long awaited reunion of two souls surrounded by the beauty and the glory of God's creation. We had the most amazing time here and will make our sojourn here a tradition."
Allan & Rennae, Vancouver, B.C.

"Reconnections are enhanced by delicious fresh food, shared memories, bottles of good wine, strong coffee and a well appointed, deeply rooted space. The Perch was a joy in which to share with 47 year old friends."

"Really a wonderful place to relax. Enjoyed every moment, including the barbeque. Your paintings are great but the whole place is a "masterpiece". You must have had a super contractor. Now I want to go home and re-do my kitchen."
Maggie & Barney

"A wonderful week - so much to see and do that we will have to come back again. The Perch is a great home-away-from-home; so comfortable."
Nancy & Terry, Grande Prairie, AB

"After over two weeks down at The Cabin, I've spent the final days of this extraordinary vacation at The Perch. Can I stay looonger? Please?!"
Jutta, Germany

"Yet another re-juvenating stay on top of The Perch. To promise another visit, hopefully sooner than later. At all points, the Feng Shuai works, from the entrance to the property down to the water. Thanks Kathleen & Brent for your so thoughtful attention to all details, not to mention the superb choices of all works of art singing from the walls. This place of peace and brilliance will keep us tuned until our next time."
Morley & Joan, Calgary, Alberta

"A lovely tenth anniversary weekend for us, no kids!! And a beautiful oasis in the woods that I'm not redesigning in my mind. It's perfect. We'll return again."
Moe & Aaron

"Just a quick note to thank you for a lovely few days! We really enjoyed our stay!! Like so many who have stayed before us, from the moment you walk in you feel so relaxed and comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed cooking in the kitchen...we ate in except for one lunch at the pub in Garden Bay where we rented a kayak for Doug through Alpha Adventures. The trek to the water with the kayaks was breathtaking...literally! LOL We certainly got some exercise! We saw so many jelly fish in the water...that was a surprise!! Incentive to stay in the kayak for sure!! We loved our paddling...saw deer...wonderful was a most pleasant trip!! We met Motoko...her gallery is....inspiring. She is so wonderful. Had to come home with a print!! Will remind us of the time spent at The Perch and encourage a return visit!! Thank you so much!"
Linda & Doug

"A quick note to say that we had a truly wonderful experience at The Perch, it was the perfect place to unwind. You have thought of everything necessary to accommodate your guests and allow for them to quickly feel relaxed and 'at home'. We are both employed at UBC and we will certainly recommend The Perch to our colleagues and friends. Well done on the construction and decor and thanks for providing a great service in a time when the finer details are often missing. Best wishes,"
David & Pascale, Vancouver, B.C.

"We frantically bumped up the driveway unsealed the doors of our hot metal transport and the Moon Dance cleanse begins ... Our heads fall back as we breathe in the cool forest air..."
Cathy & Joseph, Edmonton

"You have created an amazing getaway... Thanks for being willing to share."
Randy & Lisa

"Our second visit and perhaps even better than the first - thank-you!"
Tom & Danilyn

"With hearts warm from the blessing of this extraordinary home, we extend our gratitude to you both for sharing this piece of paradise. Motoko's gallery is amazing."
Linda & Doug, Squamish

"It is Saturday morning and & I sit at your table for the last time on this visit. You have truly created a paradise in the woods."

"Only after being here a couple of days did I fully realise just how much I needed a holiday... now after a week I don't want to leave! This place is just wonderful, beyond expectation."
Dave & Pascale

"Such a great time! The view is so relaxing, the bed so comfortable and the tub a perfect way to end each night. Thanks for everything - we can't wait to return."
Maggie & Howie, Chicago

"We booked so much accommodation on our 3 week trip I had forgotten what to expect from our stay at Moon Dance. We were so pleased when we arrived and knew we would have some relaxing days before returning home. I've left you a recipe to enjoy in these delightful surroundings."
Katherine & Nathan, UK

"Thank-you for another wonderful stay. We'll be back next month."
Susan & Tony, Delta

"We had a wonderful time. A fantastic place to stay, we just wish we weren't leaving."
Anne & Steve, UK

"Two days here were not enough. It's been a pleasure to stay here."
Martin & Fabia, UK

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful paradise. The Perch is amazing and the surroundings stunning."
Esther & Vicki

"Three weeks plus 2 days and still it's not nearly enough! The Perch is pure heaven! I'll be back in 2010."
Jutta, Germany

"My husband and I escaped Vancouver on a last minute getaway and managed to stay for one night. Kathleen was right - what a tease!! Next time will be for much longer. The time melted away."
Lindsay & Arne, Vancouver

"This place is just fabulous. A dream come true and the best value ever!!"
Ken & Miya, Vancouver

"Four glorious days and this time we got every kind of weather including some big fluffy snowflakes that floated down to make the trees amazing and our snowshoe tour to Dakota Ridge pristine & spectacular. The peace, quiet and serenity is unmatched. We love this place!"
Mac & Maureen, Maple Ridge

"Thank you again for such a beautiful place to come back to, to celebrate our 1st anniversary. The setting is so picturesque and relaxing that it is difficult to leave."
Jack & Deb, Surrey

"This place is heaven on earth. We had a magic & peaceful Christmas here. The building design leaves you with no other choice but to relax and be happy. We will be back."
Mavhia, Rand & Julie

"What better way to start the new decade than perched at The Perch!"
Morley & Joan, Calgary

"Well we returned this year to make an official '2nd Annual Moon Dance New Year'. What a blessing to ring in the New Year in this peaceful & tranquil setting. This time we stayed for a week and it's even harder to leave."
Kathryn & Steven, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for a wonderful week of relaxing with our family. We'll definitely be back."
Cliff, Courtney & Jade, Calgary, Alberta

"Another perfect tryst - one day to explore around, one day to snuggle in. The silence here is palpable. And so close to home - no need for carbon credits. Thanks for providing a great getaway."
Hans & Margo, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thanks for the getaway. We had fun exploring the area and enjoyed the views at Skookumchuck and Smuggler's Cove parks. Loved the surround sound and TV channels and music, which is more important than TV out here. The silence was perfect as we enjoyed what seemed to be an aviary jamboree with countless birds having an intense conference. Loved the art and noted they came from some of the galleries we visited. The fireplace & tub were essential & perfect. Thanks for making our first anniversary so awesome."
Jan & Ben, White Rock, B.C.

"We had a lovely, relaxing time - so quiet and peaceful. A great place to spend our 25th anniversary! We enjoyed our walks, sitting reading by the fire and seeing the occasional bald eagle fly by. Thanks for sharing your place with us."
Brian & Nancy, Abbotsford, B.C.

"Thank you very much - the cabin was perfectly clean and we loved our stay here. It was a peaceful and a very nice change from our Vancouver apartment."
Alex & Anne

"Peace moment to moment. Silence. The trees speak to us of days gone by. Silence slows us down to feel the moment. Peace is here. Thank-you."
Pam & Steve, North Vancouver, B.C.

"Our second visit... just as great as the first. A much needed quiet retreat from the buzz of the city. Until next time, cheers!"
Jorge & Janine

"Quiet, beautiful - perfect start to Spring Break for 2 tired teachers."
Vancouver, B.C.

"We enjoyed our stay so much!! It is such lovely cabin! We felt very Canadian. Thank you very much!"
Vancouver & Paris, France

"Our 2nd visit - this time with power! Gorgeous cabin - peaceful time."
Mary-Jean & Bret, North Vancouver BC

"It was so peaceful being here. Spending time with each other without the outside interferences of life. Thanks for providing a beautiful place for us."
Brad & Loretta, Coquitlam BC

"A beautiful cabin with lovely furnishings. We loved the 'out of the way' setting and especially... the peace. We will definitely recommend it to others. p.s. - the food at the Grasshopper Pub is fantastic."
Mark & Liz, Vancouver BC

"Wow, we were shocked at the beauty and spectacular view. We loved this 'home away from home' and will be back for sure!"
Erin & Ryan, White Rock, BC

"peaceful, tranquil, healing..."
Darlene & Daryl, Chilliwack BC

"Had a great time. Spent our days in the bay collecting oysters and catching perch to release. (NOTE: Eating shell fish without first checking with Fisheries is discouraged) Days at Ruby Lake Beach, great evening swims in Oyster Bay, bocce ball at the school in Medeira Park, hiking and board games. On my birthday we went on the Slo Cat Tour with such a friendly guide then the rest of the day at the spa in Secret Cove Resort - what an experience. We all loved the tub. Oh! and the Ruby Lake Italian Restaurant is excellent."
Corrinna, Tyler, Braiden 9 & Mackenzie 6, Surrey BC

"Wonderful cabin. Serene, peaceful & beautiful!!"
Gerry, West Vancouver

"We spent this week at The Cabin as our honeymoon. We chose this cabin because we wanted a quiet, peaceful and stress free environment and that's exactly what we got. We had two dinners out (The Rockwater which was first class- try the halibut!) and Ruby Lake Resort (amazing food), both a bit pricey but well worth it. Thanks for the great time."
Grant & Melissa

"We had a great weekend thanks to you. Great instructions, suggestions and a grand haven of rest. Our thanks for your sharing all of this with us. It's a magical place of coastlines, lakes, sunshine and winding roads. Music/sound system and instruction were excellent and the walking boots a bonus."
Lois from Whitehorse & Cathy from North Vancouver

"We had a great time here and what a beautiful relaxing cabin! Luckily we had lovely weather so we could go to the beach, but even when it rained we had a great time staying in the cabin. What a lovely tub!"
Jaap, Jeanette, Anouk & Patty Sliedrecht from Holland

"Our days at The Cabin have made our honeymoon truly magical. The sights, the smells, the sounds, great food, lovely community and what a wonderful home! We couldn't have imagined it any more beautiful. We will definitely be coming back for another relaxing vacation. Thank-you so much Kathleen & Brent."
Jen & Frank, Coquitlam, B.C.

"Very difficult for us to leave this morning. This was our second visit to The Cabin except being here for a week this time instead of 3 days was just glorious."
Don & Elvera, Chilliwack, B.C.

"Our Honeymoon!! A lovely stay - lots of Seinfeld, baths, sun on the deck... all great until the bear woke us up at 3am our last night. We like to think that he was telling us 'Please don't go... it was nice having you here.' Thanks heaps!"
Joshua & Sarah, Vancouver, B.C.

"Once again - a wonderful relaxing weekend. Thanks."
Tony & Susan

"What a perfect heaven. No bear sightings but loved the bald eagles and the changing colours."
Craig & Sandy, La Canada, California

"This is a lot more than I was expecting. This is way, I mean way better than some of the pictures on the website. It was my absolute pleasure to stay here and I will come back for sure. Thank you for having pictures and information on the website. Loving it!"

"An incredibly beautiful house and location. Website doesn't do it justice. It's the most nicely outfitted cabin we have ever been in. Bring cloths & food and you never have to leave which is our idea of heaven. Sitting outside on the porch wrapped in a blanket with a Bailey's & coffee in hand is meditation at it's best. We'll definitely be back!"
John & Terry, Richmond, B.C.

"I had high expectations and was blown away. This was exactly what we were looking for. Wildlife, seclusion and a beautiful place to stay. We'll be back."
Sean & Jeannette, Langley, B.C.

"This is our second time coming to the Moon Dance and we loved it again. The location is unreal! We'll be back again."
Michael & Gina, Whitfield, B.C.

"Basically I'm moving into your tub. You will now have to rent the cabin with me living in the tub. Thanks for thinking of everything so we didn't have to. Perfect!"
Shauna & Aaron, Vancouver, B.C.

"Well what can we say that hasn't been said already! It's all been said... so without being repetitive - we really like the music selection (along with EVERYTHING ELSE!!) Like everybody else... we'll be back too. Cheers,"
Alan & Til, Ladner, B.C.

"We spent Thanksgiving weekend here. Wish we could stay longer."
Gina & Ben, Seattle, Washington

"Incredible. After the hectic busy-ness of the holidays this was the perfect retreat. Decadent accommodations, tasteful art, wood grain and trees blowing in the wind. The luxurious bathtub... at one point my fiance said ‘these people have been around quite awhile - they know what's good!’ Clearly you do. Thank-you for the exquisite attention to detail you put into Moon Dance Perch."
Michael & Jennifer, Vancouver, B.C.

"Stunning. The architecture, the surrounding nature, the peace - just the romance and relaxation we were looking for. We'll be back."
Paul & Elizabeth, North Vancouver, B.C.

"I don't know what the date is - good sign for a vacation. We spent a weekend here to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Thank you for such a wonderful tranquil place. We appreciated the details, loved the art. I'll recommend this place to friends getting married soon. Perfect spot for a honeymoon!"
June & Marty, Vancouver, B.C.

"Perfect getaway from the city. We enjoyed all the finer aspects of your home. The great bath with a view, the fireplace and chopped wood, the view from every room and we enjoyed cooking & relaxing and hope to come back again."
Vancouver & Toronto

"Thank-you again for an amazing stay. Brent & Kathleen, your design is amazing as well. You have given us another memory to reflect on. Great visiting with you and getting inspiration and thoughts to use in our building venture. All the best."
Wayne & Christine, Mission, B.C.

"Thank you for another wonderful stay at Moon Dance. The Perch is SO modern & everything is so well furnished. We enjoyed every minute here. Hope to be back at the Perch or Cabin soon. Cheers."
Holly & Keith, Vancouver

"Moon Dance is a wonderful place to stay. We really enjoyed it. Having a bubble bath was my favorite part. It is so modern and cozy, I hope we get another chance to stay in this place. It is so relaxing."
Maddie, Vancouver, B.C.

"What a great place - beautiful pictures on the wall and through the windows as well. We are SO pleased this is an 'accessible' building. All 3 of us were able to enjoy it as a family. We wanted for nothing - well equipped kitchen - great to have good wine glasses & nice dishes to eat from. It was thoughtful of Brent to add the crushed rock for Madeline's wheelchair. It was useful."
Deborah, Vancouver, B.C.

"Twas the perfect getaway for us. You haven't forgotten a thing to make our stay comfy. The cabin was nicer than we imagined... Dreamy. Thank you."
Jackie & Gary, Vancouver & Michigan

"This place is fantastic! More than our expectation. We'll definitely come back. It's more than a place to stay, it's a home - lovely & cozy. The contrast between outside nature and inside modern art atmosphere makes this house more attractive & unique. Wonderful experience. Thank-you for everything."
Wei & Rain, Vancouver, B.C.

"We just got off the ferry and into the office. I simply had to send you guys a note - BRAVO!! The Perch is perfect. Stunning. Love the architecture, the location was pin drop quiet. I don't recall a more relaxing, comfortable weekend. We had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing what you guys have. It is perfect!"
Ruth & Company

"We love everything about the Moon Dance Perch cabin - from the peaceful & beautiful surrounding to the 'cabin' itself. It feels like home & we enjoyed our stay. We hope to make this a regular retreat. Thanks."
The Quinns, New West, B.C.

"Our stay at the Perch has quite simply been outstanding. We fell in love with it moments after our arrival. The architecture and interior design are beautiful in this spectacular setting. Clearly, the Perch has been a labour of love with no attention to detail spared. We appreciate your vision and creativity. Thank you."
The Hollenbergs, Calgary, Alberta

"Stunning cabin, exceeded expectations! Best value for $ and gorgeous location. Will definitely be back and recommend to all. No need to look elsewhere."
Janice & Patrick

"Our family had a great time staying at 'The Perch'. Beautiful cabin, great amenities, incredible surroundings."
The Smiths, Calgary, Alberta

"It's fabulous, everything we needed. Great architecture. Yes, we did enjoy the tub for '2'. The rain didn't change anything. You should try dinner at 'The Restaurant' boat - great food and a wonderful host. We will definitely come back. See you soon."
Jo & Mark

"Thank you for the most peaceful and refeshing break we've had. The Perch is well equipped - you thought of everything! We hope to return again next year to this wonderful spot. Thanks again."
Tom & Danilyn

"As far as honeymoon spots go, this has to be among the most wonderful and breath-taking buildings in the world. The beautiful views and open setting drew us into a trance that lasted for our whole stay. We leave here totally relaxed, invigorated and sad. We wish we could hold The Perch hostage! Alas, we won't deprive others of this gorgeous place and we eagerly anticipate our quick return. Cheers!"
Frank & Jen

"Our week stay at The Perch has been fantastic. The cabin is beautiful and peaceful. Couldn't ask for anything better. We hope to return again."
Mike & Vanessa, Calgary AB

"Had an awesome time at The Perch!! Absolutely beautiful, clean and cozy! The surrounding views are magnificent and we thoroughly enjoyed the deck. Thank-you very much for your hospitality, and we look forward to staying again soon."
Julie & Nathan

"Tranquil and calm - exactly what we'd hoped for. We left looking back for the next time. Blessings from..."
Donna & Bob

"Stayed at both The Cabin and The Perch. Loved them both. We always enjoy our stay. We'll be back again!"
The Graveners, North Vancouver BC

"What an amazing place! The Perch is so beautiful & clean. We enjoyed our R&R so much. Can't wait to come back."
Kelly & Darren, Maple Ridge, BC

"What a wonderful feeling, cradled in the living rock, watching the sun circle the Perch. It's almost too much beauty. It is recharging to the heart and mind enjoy this perch which was crafted with such care."
Shauna & Aaron, Vancouver, BC

"Amazing space! Thank you for such an amazing stay. You're right, it's like our 2 favorite ice creams (The Cabin & The Perch) - just can't seem to get enough of each."
Tony & Susan, Tsawwassen, BC

"Well our weekend at your cabin (The Perch) was great! Loved everything about it. There is nothing but good things to be said about it... just like all of your guests have said in the guest book! We will definitely be there again!!"
Til & Al, Ladner, BC

"We absolutely LOVE your Perch. Our dream retirement home. (We took lots of photos!) We didn't want to leave. Walks, reading by the fire, cozy tub."
Stacey & Greg, Peachland, BC

"Thank you for providing an absolutely beautiful place for us to spend our first week as a married couple. We had everything we could have needed in this cozy spot. Watching the first snowflakes fall amidst the evergreens was positively surreal. This quiet, mist-covered hide-a-way is a true treasure. We will speak highly of it. Thanks."
Kyle & Anna

"What a dreamy setting for a honeymoon! Lots of snow added to the beauty and serenity of this place - making it the perfect setting for a romantic getaway! We love the layout and design and especially the finishing touches that made this an exquisite experience. There was nothing more that we could possibly have wanted to make this a truly memorable stay. Thank-you!"
Jack & Deb, Kamloops, B.C.

"Moon dance has been the perfect, idyllic place for a peaceful relaxing Christmas getaway. It has been nestled in a blanket of snow the whole time which made it even more special. I love the glacial blue colour of the water when you run a bath in the amazing tub! The stillness and tranquility of the space restores the soul. Thank you for this place."
Donna, Vancouver, B.C.

"Short but sweet - We love this place! Happy Birthday Billy! Love you so much!"
Ashley, Langley, B.C.

"What an amazing getaway for our first vacation as a newly married couple!! Beautiful. Simply beautiful."
The brand new Mr. & Mrs. Branden & Ashley, Calgary, Alberta

"We're definitely coming back! What a wonderful relaxing and comfortable place. Great selection of CD's too. Even with the huge storm & the power going out the firewood kept us cozy & warm and we had a romantic dinner by candlelight."
Ana & Sunny

"This is a perfect place to get engaged! Looking forward to coming back here to celebrate other wonderful moments in our lives together."
Clint & Kien Leu, North Vancouver, B.C.

"After much debating about why we loved this place so much, we decided the top three reasons were how private it is, how wonderfully peaceful and that amazing tub for two. Our experience surpassed all our expectations. With thanks,"
Robin & Chris, Vancouver, B.C.

"A truly serene setting, the quietude, communion with nature being additional benefits. Just what the doctor ordered."
Barney, Fi, Rob & Taylor, Victoria & Delta, B.C.

"It was nearly impossible to leave the tub, we just spent hours enjoying the tranquility of the setting, the sounds of nature and the view. Can't wait to come back in each of the seasons. Thank you for an absolutely unforgettable experience."
Kathryn & Steven, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you so much for making this trip one to remember. The moment we stepped into this clean and welcoming cabin, our stress and the cares of the world completely left us. We've been longing for time alone together since I've been ill and this place has made us feel stronger and safe from our worries. Thank you again for a wonderful time, we will definitely be back soon."
Joanne & Tony, Vancouver, B.C.

"What can we say? Warm - Immaculate - a Gorgeous Space!! Exactly what we were looking for. Our compliments to the builders, creators, designers. We felt at home and thoroughly enjoyed the time away. Thank you for letting us all enjoy your home. We will be back as well. It's pretty hard not to want to."
Kurtis & Jadine, Vancouver, B.C.

"The cabin is everything & more that we were hoping for. We celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend and will likely make it a yearly thing. We loved watching the loons in the morning. What a great way to wake up. We will tell everyone we know to come here! Thank you so much!"
Jessica & Tony, Vancouver, B.C.

"It was so nice to find a beautiful place to celebrate our Valentines Day. Much better than a B & B. This cabin is absolutely perfect. Gorgeous view and the style is wonderful. Thank you!"
Sash & Greg, Roberts Creek

"Thank you once again for sharing your beautiful cabin, a much needed break. Had a wonderful stay, climbed Mt. Daniel & Rockwater was much appreciated. See you again."

"I love the cabin. We must have said that at least 5 times a day while we were here. The only disappointment is that we had to leave those comfy pillows behind. Thank you so much!!!"
Kristen & Alex, White Rock, B.C.

"Rainy days, books to read, great wine, great cheese, music, a dinner of oysters in garlic & sherry and another of cheese, bread, dolmades, tomatoes, cakes... It's so quiet. Fires to build & if I felt better, wood to chop. Heaven is simple. Thanks for sharing."
Nola & Joffre, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thanks again for this incredible place! It was great to come back and enjoy your cabin. It's so peaceful & comfortable & relaxing to be here. We look forward to seeing "The Perch" when it's done."
Kendra & Mike, Vancouver, B.C.

"It was wonderful to return to this peaceful getaway. It's even better than we remembered. Still love all the wood and the extra touches. And that bathtub really is made for two!! Thanks Brent & Kathleen. Sigh... now it's back to the real world."
Karen & Robin, Tsawwassen, B.C.

"What a beautiful place you have created! So incredibly peaceful & yet with all the luxuries & more! Moon Dance Cabin was the perfect place for our "Babymoon", and we look forward to returning with the new edition soon. Thank-you!"
Stefani & Henry, Vancouver, B.C.

"Such a fabulous cabin. We really enjoyed our weekend with the fire, books, wine & that magnificent bathtub! It was very peaceful and relaxing, despite the rain. Always good to get out of the city!"
Darcy & Ian, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. It is such a beautiful place. It was nice to get away & enjoy a relaxing & romantic weekend. Hope to come back soon."
Holly & Keith, Vancouver, B.C.

"It was absolutely wonderful! So peaceful and relaxing. Love that big red chair! We'll be back."
Jim & Kalisha, Seattle, Washington

"Perfect way to unwind before Deb starts her new job. We'll be back soon."
Ed & Deb, Burnaby, B.C.

"The perfect retreat in the perfect vacation spot - the Sunshine Coast. And a perfect way to spend our 39th (Yikes!) anniversary."
Kathy & Mike, Washington

"A gift from our daughter - and what a gift! A beautiful cabin in a beautiful setting. Words can't do justice! Thank you for creating this and allowing we mere mortals access."
Bill & Connie, The Sunshine Coast.

"Very impressed with the accommodation and the setting - it's a lot colder & wetter than home, but gorgeous nonetheless. A lovely spot to see some wildlife, (raccoon, woodpeckers) and could almost imagine that I saw a snickertail."
Jenn, Steve & wee Martin, Brisbane, Australia

"Our second trip here was, once again, fantastic. See you next year."
Brian, Paula, Lauren & Isaac, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"An amazing getaway from city life. A wonderful cabin with a peaceful and beautiful view!"
Ahmar & Faiza, Toronto, Ontario

"Most amazing honeymoon spot. We had a great time and look forward to coming back again next year. Cheers."
Adriana & Michael, Vancouver, B.C.

"A lovely, tranquil spot - we felt all alone in the world and it was awesome! Loved the coziness of it all and the tub for two makes us want to go home and do some plumbing! Next time we will stay longer!!"
Grant & Jane, Coquitlam, B.C.

"We had a wonderful stay at Moon Dance Cabin. Every detail was perfect. You have everything set up to make your guests feel instantly at home. Even though we had four days of rain, we were cozy and comfortable. Thank you so much for everything."
Avria, Vancouver, B.C.

"Our first time here at the Sunshine Coast and we are in love with the area. Your secluded cottage gave us a wonderful opportunity to relax and reconnect with each other. We had the opportunity to visit Skookumchuck rapids, Princess Louisa Inlet, Katherine Lake, Irvings Landing, Pender Harbour on the Slo Cat... loved it all! Hope to come back."
Liz, Mark & Rachel, Oakville, Ontario

"Superb location! Extremely serene and relaxing... such a change from our city lives. We have been coming to the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years and we really appreciated the details you have expressed in your Cabin. Thank you for the wonderful stay... now up to the Perch."
Jorge & Janine, New Westminster, B.C.

"After the wedding of our son in Vancouver, we enjoyed time at this exquisite and gorgeously decorated place. Thanks to the owners!"
Wilbert & Judith, Switzerland & Rachel, London, G.B.

"We are back! How wonderful! Great sleep! Great acoustics! Great dreams! Great bed! A world-class porch and a tub for the ages. And stillness!!"
Steve & Laurie, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"So, we were having lunch at Garden Bay and we were next to a family from Calgary and a family from San Diego. The Calgary folks asked, "So how in the world did you find Pender Harbour?" We each had our answers... greatest place, etc, etc. The Calgary folks responded: "Shhh - don't tell anyone." But we had one up on all of them. We were staying at Moon Dance Cabin! You know the rest - as everyone else has written. What a wonderful memory for our family. Thank you!"
John, Lynn, Jodie & Eric, Oakton, Virginia

"We had a great stay. Beautiful cabin and setting, an absolutely wonderful place to sit back, relax and unwind. Thanks from..."
Rhonda, Trent, Tokaj & Tatyana, Edmonton, Alberta

"Had a wonderful week. Very relaxing and quiet, we will be back. Saw the bear the first 14 minutes after our arrival. Thank you!"
Gerry & Shawn

"Came here to quietly turn fifty. In the first ten minutes I set off the fire alarm and burnt my fingers trying to light the fire - all done in a state of total sobriety and proving I have much to learn in the next fifty years. Saw 'The Bear', listened to the coyotes and dreamt of the Raven who pushed his mind through and pulled his body after. A magical place for a moondance with my Spanish Lady - thank-you!"
Kirk & Eva

"Beauty is so much we are speechless. Great architecture that melts into the landscape. Thanks for the Moody Moon Dance! Hope to come back."
Sol & Era, Mexico & Transilvania

"Came to Moon Dance Cabin with my three brown eyed girls and had an astral weekend."
Nick, Kate, Maisie & Martina, Swansea, Wales

"This is a truly wondrous place to spend a romantic Christmas! We especially enjoyed the gift certificates for the art galleries. What a fantastic way to support local artists. We purchased a print at Motoko's gallery which will always remind us of the greens of the forest and our Christmas here."
Rob & Jody, Washington

"We are the official first guests. We've been here for all of five minutes and can't believe how incredible this place is. The next week is sure to be wonderful... to be continued... "
Kristy & Kevin - Honeymooners, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thanks so much, this place is wonderful. For any other visitors if you get a chance, go to Powell River and Lund and take the zodiac out and tour Desolation Sound. Ask for Kristen, she's great. Hope you have as much fun as we did."
Kristy & Kevin - Honeymooners, Vancouver, B.C.

"A warm sunny week, a bright sunny cabin, a lovely seven days in all. We really enjoyed the clean, tasteful design and waking up to sunshine streaming into the room. It was so nice not to need curtains to close us in like in the city."
Jill, Michael, Connor & Phelan, Calgary, Alberta

"Wow, another amazing cabin. Both Moon Dance Cabin & Perch are amazing. We look forward to coming back again."
Ava & Sunny, Vancouver, B.C.

"We enjoyed one of our most relaxing vacations here - beautiful views, quiet, nature - all experienced from the soothing surroundings of our cabin. We look forward to another stay at your retreat."
Ellen & Thomas, North Vancouver, B.C.

"Two blissful, peaceful weeks. Wish it could be more. Watching the deer & listening to the rain just added to the ambience. We call this our forest retreat because each window you look out shows an ever changing view. We hope to stay here again."
Paul & Rose, Toronto, Ontario

"What a beautiful place to stay - love that patio - so peaceful. Had a wonderful day kayaking (Half Moon Sea Kayaks) in Secret Cove. Even cancelled dinner reservations as you just can't beat this view! Hopefully we'll come back one day soon!"
Cate, Jessy & Amelie, Steveston, B.C.

"Beautiful surroundings and cabin! Peaceful and relaxing! Fantastic weekend... at least until the clutch on the car went and we have to be towed home. Wish us luck!"
Angela & DeeJay, Vancouver, B.C.

"It's been a week and we wish we could stay. The Perch is a wonderful place to stay. Our two young boys enjoyed running on the deck and playing with the brooms! Thanks for a great time."
Treena & Paul, Coquitlam, B.C.

"We have never been to such a gorgeous cabin before. We love the huge windows which bring us close to the beautiful nature. It was very relaxing sitting on the deck listening to the birds and watching the deer. We enjoyed our honeymoon stay very much. We hope to come back for our anniversary!"
Debby & Daniel, Richmond, B.C.

"We loved The Perch. You have done a wonderful job of putting it together. We had a lovely, restful time here."
Pat & Bob, Tsawwassen, B.C

"Delightful! Well thought out! We loved the style. Very serene and comfortable. We hope to come again. Nice to meet Brent! Loved the art, too!"
The Webbs, Cobble Hill, B.C.

"Cabin was great! We really enjoyed the stay! Hope to return soon. We must tell all our friends about this wonderful place - thanks."
Mark & Kelly, Cocoa Beach, Florida

"Wow! The Perch is a delightful setting to spend a weekend. We loved the natural setting, rockery and beautiful surroundings."
Bernice & Miles, North Vancouver, B.C.

"That Night at Moondance Perch.
That night we sat under a river of stars,
Then swam skyward through the earthly waterweed of hemlock and cedar,
To touch their icy brilliance.
Before the Dawn wiped away their glitter,
We floated down that celestial waterway,
Through the earthly tangle of dreams,
Back home to Moondance Perch."

Nadine, Vancouver, B.C.

"We loved our weekend at the Perch. It was the perfect getaway. Thanks again and we will be sure to be in touch later this winter for another retreat."
Paula & Etienne

"Thank you for letting us share this little piece of Paradise... we couldn't have found a better place to escape from the noisy city. We will be back very soon and maybe for a little longer!"
Paula & Etienne

"We leave here with great reluctance. You have created the perfect place to relax... so tranquil, so beautiful and ever so peaceful!! Loved all the finishing touches! The tub is the best!!! Fantastic! We'll be back (not soon enough, but we'll be back!)"
Karen & Robin, Tsawwassen, B.C.

"Absolutely breathtaking vacation spot! We couldn't have picked a more beautiful, serene and private location for our honeymoon. The Perch has all the commodities you could possibly want. The soaker tub and fireplace made for a romantic few days. We enjoyed ourselves so much we cancelled work to stay just one more night. It was a treat to see the bear and eagles early morning on the bay. We'll be sure to recommend The Perch to friends and hope to return for our anniversary. Thanks for creating special memories for us."
Vern & Kerry, Newlyweds

"The Architecture, the art on the walls, every bit of design that you put into The Perch has made our weekend! Loved everything about it, especially waking up to an amazing view of trees and so much green. Very romantic! We will be back! Thanks!"
Sofia from Mexico & Dwayne from Ontario

"Lovely cabin - great ammenities - nicely situated. Wonderfully quiet."
Don & Judi

"Great mood setter. Hardwood is great for salsa dancing. Amazing view, nice and cozy. We'll be back soon!"
Kendra & Mike, Surrey, B.C.⁄Fresno, Calif.

"Thanx so much for this restful stay."
Kurt & Deb, North Van

"I'm so glad I found your website. This felt so cozy & just like ‘home’ from the moment we stepped in. We enjoyed sightseeing in a part of the province we hadn't explored before. It was fun chatting with your ‘stained glass artist’ neighbour. We're already checking the calendar for the next weekend we can ‘get away from it all’."
Donn & Elvera, Abbotsford

"We truly enjoyed our stay! The well water is fantastic!!"
Kristen & Kent

"Great craftsmanship & attention to detail. Tranquil setting, bathtub for two, soft music, crackling fire, add wine and stir. It doesn't get any better!"
Rudy & Cynthia, Langley

"What a beautiful cabin - and a beautiful location. We enjoyed the peace & quiet and privacy. A perfect retreat."
Carmen & Dave, North Vancouver

"Many, many thanks for building Moon Dance and making it available for those of us who need exactly what it offers: silence, solitude and comfort in perfect balance."
Rex - ThistleDown House B&B, North Vancouver.

"Thank-you for making our 20th anniversary a very special memory. Your cabin & setting is beautiful, we hope to make it back. Great pub lunch."
Wayne & Christine, Mission, B.C.

"Had a wonderful, relaxing time. Loved the cabin, great views, very peaceful & tranquil. Especially enjoyed our hike up Mt. Daniel - awesome views... Thank-you."
Rob & Max, Surrey, B.C.

"We celebrated our 7th anniversary in great style. My partner summed it up - ‘I feel like we borrowed our friends house for the weekend.’ So well appointed - great attention to the details that matter. Good job you guys! We are torn between telling everyone about it or keeping ‘our friends house’ just our secret! Thanks so much."
Laurie & Cy, Matsqui

"Mothers Day. Wonderful place. Very clean & well stocked. Thanx, we had fun."
Tamara & Ron

"We had a fantastic stay. The cabin is awesome and relaxing. Mucking in the bay barefoot is a must. We won't be telling anybody where this place is... "
Brian, Paula, Laura & Isaac, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"We had a marvelous respite at your superb cabin. It is beautifully appointed & anything you could want is right here. Thank you so much."
Mae & Gordon, Cochrane, Alberta

"We spent our honeymoon here, and hopefully many anniversaries to come."
Shawn & Kara, Port Moody, B.C.

"Really nice to be back again! We love this place! Very nice improvements from last year. Enjoyed the gardens, fireplace and we took advantage of the rubber boots. Lots of fun!"
David, Brenda & Colin, Vancouver, B.C.

"Nice cabin design, cool artwork, excellent landscaping. Well Done! Saw the cabin from Mt. Daniel - worth the hike."
Herb & Trish, Lynden, WA

"A fantastic escape, worth the travel from the UK. We've thoroughly enjoyed exploring the area and relaxing in the cabin. It felt like a home away from home."
Tracy & Kevin, London, England

"We are on our honeymoon, exploring Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast. This place is awesome, so romantic and fun. We will be back for a longer stay next time."
Max & Liz, Portland OR

"Our daughter who is 4 was spoiled for choices at the abundant local beaches. You thought of everything in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This was a very comfortable & relaxing holiday for us. We enjoyed our movie nights with the surround sound. Thank-you!"
Rob, Era & Elisha, Vancouver

"We have had a great and beautiful time. Paradise on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. We bring nice memories and pictures home to Switzerland."
Roger, Cessi, Lola & Marc, Herrliberg, Switzerland

"From the moment we stepped out of the car and started down the magical path to the cabin we realized this was one of the most remarkable, beautiful, magical, amazing etc. places we'd have the opportunity to inhabit. From the art work to the bed linens - from the coffee grinder to the sound system - the love and thought that went into making this place is palpable. Add the holy stillness of the surrounding nature and it's intoxicating beauty well..."
Steven & Laura, Cambridge MA

"The word idyllic was created for Moon Dance Cabin. Many thanks."
Yoland, Graham, Muriel & Richard, North Vancouver and UK

"What an amazing place you have here! It was so easy to forget that the rest of the crazy world exists. Love, love, love all the wood! Such a warm, wonderful feeling."
Karen & Rubin, Sue & Jim, Tsawwassen

"Your cabin is beautiful!! We had a great time. Everything was perfect here. We spent alot of time at Ruby Lake & Katherine Lake Beaches."
Chrissy, Kevin, Hailey & Owen, Edmonton, Alberta

"After seeing the drawings it was great to see the real thing. You guys have done a fabulous job carving this gem out of the wilderness. The details are perfection! Awesome retreat. Merci!"
Mike & Dale, North Vancouver

"What a beautiful, peaceful spot."
John & Daria, Vancouver

"Thank you for the most relaxing holiday we've ever had. Beautiful cabin, wonderful art, watching the tide go in and out and the silence. We just stayed here the whole time. Very peaceful."
Robin & Jen, Vancouver

"Silver dollar moon rises over the mountain and dances on the waters of Oyster Bay. How appropriate."
Nadine, West Vancouver

"Wow!! What a great place for a weekend getaway, (though we wish we could stay longer). Such attention to detail - just gorgeous! Everything was perfect."
Tony & Catherine, Tsawwassen

"I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much we enjoyed the cabin. It was beautiful, and you thought of so many of the small things that it made our trip so easy and enjoyable. We had an absolutely hilarious time getting stuck in the tidal flats when the tide was out. My partner Cord ended up losing his boot and I was laughing so hard it took me about 20 minutes to move 2 feet. Pathetic city slickers! Anyway, will let our friends know how fabulous your place is and we look forward to another trip there in the future."
Tracy & Cord, Vancouver

"A tranquil getaway, we were welcomed by a baby raccoon on our first day here."
Mari & Brian

"The pictures of the cabin on your website first caught our attention and our experiences there will definitely bring us back. The place was very well kept and well equipped - it felt like home away from home. The secludedness of the cabin allowed us to relax and unwind. Now it'll take us some time to adjust to city life!"
Mari & Brian, Burnaby

"Very tranquil, secluded paradise. The Tub is Awesome. Enjoyed Mt. Daniel & Francis Point Marine Park for shoreline Hiking. We saw a whale! Many encounters with wildlife - sea lions, a huge stag & eagles. A Very memorable holiday, thank-you."
Hammi & Peter, Burnaby, B.C.

"What a fabulous place. Watched the fish jump at high tide and listened to the ducks having a party at night."
Marie, North Vancouver

"Thank you so much for a wonderful & relaxing weekend. We enjoyed the quiet and tranquil location. We will be back!!"
Derrick & Tina, Richmond, B.C.

"What a great cabin and such a private setting. Very relaxing - thank you. Looking forward to returning next summer."
Bill & Jen, Richmond B.C.

"We came back and we're glad we did! Wonderful place to celebrate our 25th anniversary."
Hans & Margo

"What a beautiful cabin. When we first walked through the door both of us were instantly relaxed. It rained a lot but we had such a good time indoors, even when it stopped I don't think we left. We will definitely be returning next year (maybe more than once). I think we said, ‘I love this place,’ about a hundred times a day."
Rehana & Sheraz, Richmond, B.C.

"We both thank you greatly for allowing us to enjoy this amazing cabin in the woods - we hope to come back again soon!"
Catherine & Mike, North Vancouver, BC

"What an amazing pristine setting! It allowed us to totally relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city."
Jytte & Eric, North Vancouver, BC

"What a beautiful, relaxing setting! We greatly enjoyed our patch of luxury in the middle of wilderness."
Katherine & Peter, Tsawwassen, BC

"Our 2nd visit to the Moon Dance Cabin was just as enchanting! Looking forward to our next visit."
Catrina & Anne-Louise, North Vancouver, BC

"Luxurious, refreshing and decadent, just what we needed!"
James & Mike, North Vancouver, BC

"Your place is beautiful! We especially love the speakers in every room."
Frank & Sandra, West Vancouver, BC

"You've created a beautiful retreat, well done!"
Matt, West Vancouver, BC

"One of the most perfect places we've stayed. Comfortable and peaceful. Garden Bay Resort was a great dinner place. Thank-you for providing such a graceful cabin."
Neil & Tracy, Seattle

"The most perfect setting for us to get engaged!! You have created the most lovely, romantic retreat. We can't wait to come back... thank-you!!"
Michael & Colleen

"This is a magical setting, very relaxing and mind calming, we enjoyed our stay! Thank you!"
Miles & Tess, Seattle, Washington

"Well done!! Looking forward to another visit."
Gail & Brad, Tsawwassen, BC

"What a cool place! Must have been dreamed & made by cool people! Love the music and art. We will have precious memories for a very long time."
Bill & Ruth, Swift Current, SK

"Serenity found! Enjoyed everything about this great place. Colin celebrated his first birthday here and also had a great time. Thanks."
David, Brenda & Colin, Vancouver, BC

"I don't know... all this peace and tranquility, good food & drink, uninterupted conversations and music; I mean, what sort of way is that to spend your 16th wedding anniversary...?! We love your beautiful getaway - same time next year!"
Paul & Shelly, N.Vancouver, BC

"Great place and great weather. Thanks. We really enjoyed ourselves."
Dave & Sharon, North Van

"Tranquil, pretty, lovely spot"
The B. Family

"What a fun vacation. The kids loved "rearranging" the rocks outside and Bruce enjoyed The Twentymens coffee made by his aunt and uncle."
Bruce, Colleen, Annie & Jack, White Rock

"Wow! What a fabulous setting. Your place will be incredible when the landscaping is finished - it's gorgeous now. Hate to leave. Thank-you."
John & Roberta, Blaine, Wa.

"We had a marvellous stay at your beautiful place. The ambiance is so relaxing with the wood and furnishings coming together in a wonderful way. The view was outstanding. We so enjoyed sitting on the rock by the water and talking."
The R. Family

"Ray and I both agree that this was the most peaceful time I think we have ever had! What an absolutely marvelous spot. Not a sound to be heard... we revelled in it. What of course adds to this relaxed mood is your wonderful cabin - everything that one needed and so thoughtfully decorated. Moon Dance Cabin is a gem!"
June & Ray, Vancouver, B.C.

"Wow - we'll be back. Breathtaking - the view, cabin, you have it all. Thanks."
Curt & Dianne, Drumheller, Alberta

"What a wonderful, relaxing place! Had a great time & hope to be back with golf clubs."
Sandra & Val

"Had a fabulous time. The cabin is beautiful / spotless, we could see staying longer. Can't believe how quiet this area is."
Barb & Frank

"Judy and I had a wonderful time at the cabin. That would be a great place to spend the summer, or the rest of one's life! When we get a chance at another vacation, we will definitely contact you about a summer week. Thanks again!"
Denny & Judy, Alberta

"This Christmas we gave each other ‘time away together alone’. Moondance was the perfect place for this. The weather was perfect - storms to snuggle us in and sun to lure us out."
Hans & Margo, Vancouver, B.C.