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2012 Guest Book Quotes

"Our first time here but it came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint! A much needed escape. Hope to return again to this relaxing haven soon!"
Julianna & Matt

"What a great find! Enjoyed escaping the rain by the fireplace... Thank-you for a wonderful birthday weekend. All the little extras were noticed and much appreciated. We will be back!"
Graham, Laura & Becky

"So still and quiet. Beautiful."
Bruce & Karen

"A wonderful weekend get-away. Perfect setting for a peaceful mini vacation. We will be back soon."
Ian & Amanda

"A wonderful cabin and a great time had by all of us. Loved the peaceful setting nestled in the trees, family walks, walks in the mud (youngest fell in - it's a memory I will always cherish!) Always looked forward to late afternoon sun streaming into The Cabin all cozy and warm with the fire going. Great place to unwind from city life. Next time we're going to try The Perch which also looks pretty cool."
Brian, Lorena, Kyla & Maya

"Thank you for sharing Moon Dance with us."
Zach, Brian, Aedan & Greer

"Thank you for the wonderful trip!"

"Hard to leave, but leave we must. Loved the silence of nature (when the kids weren't whooping it up and drumming by the water's edge). Sitting on the deck and listening to the bird calls was a treat."
James, Shannon, Evan & Lauren

"We feel refreshed just by being here 2 nights. Don't want to go back but we must. We will be back! Awesome experience - thank you so much!"
Michelle & Kevin

"Great view! Very peaceful. It's like camping but with all the necessary facilities. Will come back."
Kimberly & Gregg

"Beautiful cabin. Love the quiet, love the fireplace, love the tub, loved watching the tide come in and out. Loved everything and definitely coming back."
Cheryl & Will

"Thanks for a very nice pleasant time off from the hustle of modern time."
Donna & Rob

"Amazing experience! Coming back in the summer. Thanks again!"
Rob, Mike, Alanna & Courtney

"We will be back for a third visit for sure! Our first visit was Aug 2009 and we will not wait so long next until the time. Thanks."
Don & Maureen

"Enjoyed The Cabin and surrounding area. We're from West Texas so we're in awe of the landscape, water and vegetation. Thanks for sharing."
The B Family

"My husband and I came to Moon Dance for our third anniversary. We could not have found a better place! This is what we needed, a beautiful, very quiet and magic place and some time to get caght up with each other and away from the stress of children etc and back to the essentials of love and spending time together. We drank warm coffee by the water, bought fresh prawns from a fisherman at the Government wharf - Delicious! We had the time of our life and reminded me that I have the best husband in the world!"
Manon & Richard

"We had an amazing visit to the Sunshine Coast. Great hiking and relaxing! Everyone in the community is kind and helpful."
Kate & J.P.

"Thank you very much. We enjoyed our stay here."
Dalia, Nadeem & Mohamed

"We spent the last days of our honeymoon here. What a perfect place. We loved exploring the area."
Jordy & Amanda

"Four of us came to celebrate my 30th birthday. We relished the quiet, the comfort and the views from the window and deck. It's a beautiful piece of paradise and the calm is amazing. We also found some delicious berries - we'll be back."
Avital, Liby, Darcy & Marisa

"Thank-you for the great mini vacation. We really enjoyed the peaceful quiet and serenity here."
Ed & Lee

"How do you describe twelve days spent in a paradise called Moon Dance. Surrounded by tall pines, the ebb and flow of tides and a mild climate, we simply relaxed, read and listened to music and to the birds gossip about oysters. We watched the slugs race to the top of the stone path as we gathered ripe huckleberries for early morning pancakes. We will miss Moon Dance but the memories will be with us for a very long time."
Gary & Jean

"We all very much enjoyed our adventures here on the Sunshine Coast and look forward to returning someday. (Footnote from Kathleen - A sincere thanks to Anise & Greyson for their artistic contributions to the guest book)"
Teresa, Daniel, Anise & Greyson

"Too short! A great escape from Yaletown's racket."
Paul & Lynda

"We had such a lovely time at Moon Dance Cabin our original 2 night stay turned into 4 nights! We enjoyed the peace and view so much we only left once during our stay. What a wonderful writers retreat and finally a bathtub built for two adults to enjoy! Many Thanks."
Jonny & Chelsea

"What a beautiful week it's been in this amazing quiet place. We enjoyed walks, listening to ducks laugh, fishing, catching nothing and eating salmon from town and having nothing to do. Pure bliss and amazing memories for our honeymoon."
Ryan & Christa

"Another wonderful stay at Moon Dance. We usually stay at The Perch so The Cabin was like coming back to an old friend - with nothing to do but watch the water move and listen to the sounds of nature."
Susan & Tony

"What started out as a last-minute getaway turned into our second honeymoon! Moon Dance was the cherry on the cake of our trip to B.C. We have travelled the world and never had a more peaceful & magical experience. This place is a slice of heaven."
Barbara & Josh

"There is absolutely no better way to relax than to stay at a cabin in a rainstorm with a warm fire and a glass (or two) of wine! In the morning we would watch the birds feeding on the water, very serene and peaceful. It probably added two more years to our lives."
Trevor & Stacey

"A wonderful, tranquil stay - so comfortable for a great girl's getaway."
Bonnie & Diane

"This was our 3rd time coming here and it was as wonderful as ever. After a crazy semester of studying this cabin was the perfect way to unwind. Thanks for everything!"
Jess & Tony

"Thank you for an amazing getaway. The fire was cozy, the view amazing and the fresh air reviving! The locals are so nice and we were able to get fresh crab in the middle of winter! We're definitely coming back!"
Jacqueline & Gabriel

"What a wonderful place to spend Christmas & New Years! This is our third consecutive Christmas holiday here and our 5th stay overall at Moon Dance. Yes we love it here - especially the natural beauty and solitude!! Happy New Year!"
John & Henrik