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2010 Guest Book Quotes

"What a great way to spend a long weekend. Until we get our own we'll use this fantastic spot as our escape."
Mitch & Nancy, Seattle

"Lovely spot & very quiet. Great way to spend a weekend with someone you love."
Paul & Debbie, Surrey

"Talk about romance-city!! The fireplace, artwork, bathtub, etc. - all perfect and absolutely LOVE the speaker system. Thank you for creating such an idyllic space."
Alexa & Matt

"A lovely, well kept, peaceful location that satisfies archetypal needs for protection, comfort and a connection to the outdoors and nature."
Liz, Vancouver

"A very nice place. The only problem we had was when we went onto the tidal flats with rubber boots and I fell into the mud!"
Lukey, Vancouver

"The wood burning stove and beautiful sound system made the rainy days not such a bad thing at all and the sunny days - stunning!"
Aki & Toru, Vancouver

"Every detail of this place has been thought out so carefully to bring peace & comfort to all its guests. Thanks for adding to the beautiful memory of our engagement."
Philip & Britta, Vancouver

"We loved our stay. The Cabin is everything we'd hoped for & more. We found the local people very friendly & welcoming. Golfing was fantastic! What a wonderful escape from our crazy lives."
Kelly & Marina

"We really enjoyed the stay, great place, great view. Will be back very soon."
- unsigned -

"We love this place. The wonderful quiet atmosphere and the great friendly community have made our honeymoon so much better. We very much enjoyed our stay here and am looking forward to coming back soon. Thank you Brent and Kathleen for the wonderful opportunity."
Victoria & Robert, Abbotsford

"We loved every minute we spent here. Gorgeous & relaxing! The view is spectacular & watching the tide come in was fantastic. Thanks for the great couple of days. We'll recommend this place to everyone!!"
Marc & Brad, Toronto & Vancouver

"Spent every minute enjoying the place. The tide timings are weird though."
Harry, Sean & Ryan

"In celebration of our 27th Wedding Anniversary, what a beautiful & peaceful place! Perfect to enjoy our relaxing & romantic getaway. Hope to come back soon."
Roberto & Micheline

"We had a great time and enjoyed the sunset with wine. Fantastic weather and delightful conversation. Beautiful cabin, clean and has everything we could possibly need. Thanks."
Anayasi & David and Angelica & Jesus

"This has been an amazing last few days! We love it here! Quiet, relaxing, romantic... A perfect place to spend our honeymoon! Thank-you!! P.S. LOVE THE TUB!!"
Jeff & Deanna, Edmonton

"It's been a great couple of days here. The wood stove, the scenery, the restaurants and yes, the tub. This beautiful cabin with almost no one around was the perfect place for our honeymoon and we hope to come back again one day. Yes, my new husband did a great job planning our honeymoon. I love it here!"
Tom & Mandy, Edmonton

"Very relaxing and peaceful. Romantic too... yes the tub! A home away from home. We'll be back."
Paul & Lynda

"Magic! My best friend in the world was visiting me in Vancouver & we wanted to get away from the city for a couple of days. When we arrived we both went "WOW!" Everything was absolutely perfect."
Hedy & Larry, Richmond & Toronto

"Thank you. We had a beautiful time and are already planning our next trip."
Tracy & Tom, Vancouver

"Thanks so much for this cozy cabin in such a beautiful & peaceful setting! We had a wonderful time and saw huge numbers of jelly fish, bioluminescent & plankton in the bay - magical all around!"
Katrina & Mike, Vancouver

"Your Cabin was the perfect setting for exactly the type of honeymoon we were hoping for. We slept in, took naps in the middle of the day and only did what we felt like. Had a great hike up Mt. Daniel & enjoyed exploring the coast. The local folk were very welcoming & hospitable. One guy even fixed a problem with our truck for free! Thanks for a great place to enjoy a great start to our marriage!"
Brent & Zanna, Washington

"How about this... I got to meet Kathleen 22 years ago and we've only had letter contact since then. She & Brent stayed at The Perch and I stayed at The Cabin and we celebrated my birthday and went to Skookumchuck Rapids. It was a perfect day. Top that!"
Stan, San Diego, California

"Another wonderful visit to Moon Dance. Next time we won't wait so long to return. xoxo"
Susan & Tony

"My amazing husband & wonderful children brought me here for my 40th birthday. It was a complete surprise. It's a memory I will cherish forever. This is the most peaceful, beautiful comfy place that we've ever visited. Thank you for having us. We can't wait to come back! Next time our son is determined to catch one of those leaping fish!"
John, Jill, Ben & Kelsey, Coquitlam

"We came here on our honeymoon and it was perfect, private, romantic... just right!"
Brandi & Basil, Lillooet

"What an incredible place to spend our anniversary and enjoy a peaceful & relaxing holiday before baby #2 joins our family! Reading, cooking, relaxing... and Justin managed to squeeze in two swims in the bay (in November - brrrr!) We were also able to soak up some sun by the water one afternoon - Justin carried the chairs down - it was absolutely stunning and the tub and wood burning stove made this cabin perfect for cold days. The artist gift certificates were a great touch."
Naomi & Justin, Vancouver & Ireland

"Also enjoyed our anniversary here - our 18th. Wonderful place to read, do snuggles, listen to music & the rain outside & generally relax in a fabulously cozy and comfy home-like place. There was nothing we could think of that this place doesn't have and we made full use of the well-equipped kitchen. The wood stove is fantastic. I like the little fan powered by the heat. Lots of bird life in the bay. Fantastic place - set a new standard!"
Judy & Geoff, Vancouver