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2007 Guest Book Quotes

"What an amazing getaway for our first vacation as a newly married couple!! Beautiful. Simply beautiful."
The brand new Mr. & Mrs. Branden & Ashley, Calgary, Alberta

"We're definitely coming back! What a wonderful relaxing and comfortable place. Great selection of CD's too. Even with the huge storm & the power going out the firewood kept us cozy & warm and we had a romantic dinner by candlelight."
Ana & Sunny

"This is a perfect place to get engaged! Looking forward to coming back here to celebrate other wonderful moments in our lives together."
Clint & Kien Leu, North Vancouver, B.C.

"After much debating about why we loved this place so much, we decided the top three reasons were how private it is, how wonderfully peaceful and that amazing tub for two. Our experience surpassed all our expectations. With thanks,"
Robin & Chris, Vancouver, B.C.

"A truly serene setting, the quietude, communion with nature being additional benefits. Just what the doctor ordered."
Barney, Fi, Rob & Taylor, Victoria & Delta, B.C.

"It was nearly impossible to leave the tub, we just spent hours enjoying the tranquility of the setting, the sounds of nature and the view. Can't wait to come back in each of the seasons. Thank you for an absolutely unforgettable experience."
Kathryn & Steven, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you so much for making this trip one to remember. The moment we stepped into this clean and welcoming cabin, our stress and the cares of the world completely left us. We've been longing for time alone together since I've been ill and this place has made us feel stronger and safe from our worries. Thank you again for a wonderful time, we will definitely be back soon."
Joanne & Tony, Vancouver, B.C.

"What can we say? Warm - Immaculate - a Gorgeous Space!! Exactly what we were looking for. Our compliments to the builders, creators, designers. We felt at home and thoroughly enjoyed the time away. Thank you for letting us all enjoy your home. We will be back as well. It's pretty hard not to want to."
Kurtis & Jadine, Vancouver, B.C.

"The cabin is everything & more that we were hoping for. We celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend and will likely make it a yearly thing. We loved watching the loons in the morning. What a great way to wake up. We will tell everyone we know to come here! Thank you so much!"
Jessica & Tony, Vancouver, B.C.

"It was so nice to find a beautiful place to celebrate our Valentines Day. Much better than a B & B. This cabin is absolutely perfect. Gorgeous view and the style is wonderful. Thank you!"
Sash & Greg, Roberts Creek

"Thank you once again for sharing your beautiful cabin, a much needed break. Had a wonderful stay, climbed Mt. Daniel & Rockwater was much appreciated. See you again."

"I love the cabin. We must have said that at least 5 times a day while we were here. The only disappointment is that we had to leave those comfy pillows behind. Thank you so much!!!"
Kristen & Alex, White Rock, B.C.

"Rainy days, books to read, great wine, great cheese, music, a dinner of oysters in garlic & sherry and another of cheese, bread, dolmades, tomatoes, cakes... It's so quiet. Fires to build & if I felt better, wood to chop. Heaven is simple. Thanks for sharing."
Nola & Joffre, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thanks again for this incredible place! It was great to come back and enjoy your cabin. It's so peaceful & comfortable & relaxing to be here. We look forward to seeing "The Perch" when it's done."
Kendra & Mike, Vancouver, B.C.

"It was wonderful to return to this peaceful getaway. It's even better than we remembered. Still love all the wood and the extra touches. And that bathtub really is made for two!! Thanks Brent & Kathleen. Sigh... now it's back to the real world."
Karen & Robin, Tsawwassen, B.C.

"What a beautiful place you have created! So incredibly peaceful & yet with all the luxuries & more! Moon Dance Cabin was the perfect place for our "Babymoon", and we look forward to returning with the new edition soon. Thank-you!"
Stefani & Henry, Vancouver, B.C.

"Such a fabulous cabin. We really enjoyed our weekend with the fire, books, wine & that magnificent bathtub! It was very peaceful and relaxing, despite the rain. Always good to get out of the city!"
Darcy & Ian, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. It is such a beautiful place. It was nice to get away & enjoy a relaxing & romantic weekend. Hope to come back soon."
Holly & Keith, Vancouver, B.C.

"It was absolutely wonderful! So peaceful and relaxing. Love that big red chair! We'll be back."
Jim & Kalisha, Seattle, Washington

"Perfect way to unwind before Deb starts her new job. We'll be back soon."
Ed & Deb, Burnaby, B.C.

"The perfect retreat in the perfect vacation spot - the Sunshine Coast. And a perfect way to spend our 39th (Yikes!) anniversary."
Kathy & Mike, Washington

"A gift from our daughter - and what a gift! A beautiful cabin in a beautiful setting. Words can't do justice! Thank you for creating this and allowing we mere mortals access."
Bill & Connie, The Sunshine Coast.

"Very impressed with the accommodation and the setting - it's a lot colder & wetter than home, but gorgeous nonetheless. A lovely spot to see some wildlife, (raccoon, woodpeckers) and could almost imagine that I saw a snickertail."
Jenn, Steve & wee Martin, Brisbane, Australia

"Our second trip here was, once again, fantastic. See you next year."
Brian, Paula, Lauren & Isaac, Maple Ridge, B.C.

"An amazing getaway from city life. A wonderful cabin with a peaceful and beautiful view!"
Ahmar & Faiza, Toronto, Ontario

"Most amazing honeymoon spot. We had a great time and look forward to coming back again next year. Cheers."
Adriana & Michael, Vancouver, B.C.

"A lovely, tranquil spot - we felt all alone in the world and it was awesome! Loved the coziness of it all and the tub for two makes us want to go home and do some plumbing! Next time we will stay longer!!"
Grant & Jane, Coquitlam, B.C.

"We had a wonderful stay at Moon Dance Cabin. Every detail was perfect. You have everything set up to make your guests feel instantly at home. Even though we had four days of rain, we were cozy and comfortable. Thank you so much for everything."
Avria, Vancouver, B.C.

"Our first time here at the Sunshine Coast and we are in love with the area. Your secluded cottage gave us a wonderful opportunity to relax and reconnect with each other. We had the opportunity to visit Skookumchuck rapids, Princess Louisa Inlet, Katherine Lake, Irvings Landing, Pender Harbour on the Slo Cat... loved it all! Hope to come back."
Liz, Mark & Rachel, Oakville, Ontario

"Superb location! Extremely serene and relaxing... such a change from our city lives. We have been coming to the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years and we really appreciated the details you have expressed in your Cabin. Thank you for the wonderful stay... now up to the Perch."
Jorge & Janine, New Westminster, B.C.

"After the wedding of our son in Vancouver, we enjoyed time at this exquisite and gorgeously decorated place. Thanks to the owners!"
Wilbert & Judith, Switzerland & Rachel, London, G.B.

"We are back! How wonderful! Great sleep! Great acoustics! Great dreams! Great bed! A world-class porch and a tub for the ages. And stillness!!"
Steve & Laurie, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"So, we were having lunch at Garden Bay and we were next to a family from Calgary and a family from San Diego. The Calgary folks asked, "So how in the world did you find Pender Harbour?" We each had our answers... greatest place, etc, etc. The Calgary folks responded: "Shhh - don't tell anyone." But we had one up on all of them. We were staying at Moon Dance Cabin! You know the rest - as everyone else has written. What a wonderful memory for our family. Thank you!"
John, Lynn, Jodie & Eric, Oakton, Virginia

"We had a great stay. Beautiful cabin and setting, an absolutely wonderful place to sit back, relax and unwind. Thanks from..."
Rhonda, Trent, Tokaj & Tatyana, Edmonton, Alberta

"Had a wonderful week. Very relaxing and quiet, we will be back. Saw the bear the first 14 minutes after our arrival. Thank you!"
Gerry & Shawn

"Came here to quietly turn fifty. In the first ten minutes I set off the fire alarm and burnt my fingers trying to light the fire - all done in a state of total sobriety and proving I have much to learn in the next fifty years. Saw 'The Bear', listened to the coyotes and dreamt of the Raven who pushed his mind through and pulled his body after. A magical place for a moondance with my Spanish Lady - thank-you!"
Kirk & Eva

"Beauty is so much we are speechless. Great architecture that melts into the landscape. Thanks for the Moody Moon Dance! Hope to come back."
Sol & Era, Mexico & Transilvania

"Came to Moon Dance Cabin with my three brown eyed girls and had an astral weekend."
Nick, Kate, Maisie & Martina, Swansea, Wales

"This is a truly wondrous place to spend a romantic Christmas! We especially enjoyed the gift certificates for the art galleries. What a fantastic way to support local artists. We purchased a print at Motoko's gallery which will always remind us of the greens of the forest and our Christmas here."
Rob & Jody, Washington